Plugable Introduces Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

BT-KEY3XLWe’ve heard a lot of good things from customers about our Plugable Compact Folding keyboard since it launched a few months ago. But some buyers wanted more room to type and asked us if we could release a full-size keyboard with the same great features.

We are happy to announce that the Plugable Full-Size Folding Keyboard is now available! It shares the compact keyboard’s durable aluminum shell and handy case that folds into a stand for your device, but it features a keyboard as large as bigger laptops, with a full set of keys laid out with standard sizes and spacing. When folded, it is smaller than a typical paperback book.

BT-KEY3XL Keyboard

Like our compact keyboard, the Plugable Full-Size Folding Keyboard also has these great features:

  • The back is strong but lightweight aluminum. The hinges are stainless steel. This makes it extremely durable
  • The hinges are extremely smooth, it’s a pleasure opening and closing the keyboard
  • It comes with a soft but strong case that both protects the keyboard and anything else you’d throw in a bag with it
  • The case transforms into stand for your phone or tablet and adjusts to any angle
  • The keyboard has special support for Android, Windows, and iOS keymappings
  • It has a USB-charged battery that lasts for weeks of normal use

We hope you’ll enjoy this new addition to our expanding line of Plugable Bluetooth products. It’s a great design, and like everything we sell, it comes with Plugable’s legendary customer service. Have any questions? Feel free to comment below or contact us at Thanks!

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