Connect your VGA Computer to an HDMI Display with Plugable’s Newest Graphics Adapter

For those who prefer to live on the cutting edge of technology, USB Type C and Thunderbolt™ 3 devices and host systems are all the rage. Still, there are millions of computers with VGA outputs which have served us well in our homes and offices for many years. If these computers continue to work well for their preferred use, why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an upgrade? When you enjoy living at the more tried and true end of the technology timeline, most will only invest in upgrading their PC when the necessary accessory devices, like monitors and televisions, are no longer offering the same connectors that many older computers have built into them. The new Plugable VGA to HDMI Active Adapter provides a link between the older, established technology of analog VGA output to a monitor, television, or projector with a digital HDMI input. VGA outputs aren’t capable of supplying power, so the adapter’s attached USB 2.0 cable also supplies power and transmits audio from your computer to an HDMI display with built-in speakers.

Our new VGA to HDMI Active Adapter will breathe new life into your VGA-based computers by supporting a maximum resolution and refresh rate of 1920×1080@60Hz for your newer HDMI display or projector (assuming of course the PC’s graphics output and HDMI display also support this resolution). The adapter also supports lower resolutions such as 1600×900 and 1366×768 (720p).

As with all “active” adapters which covert to a different signaling format, this is a uni-directional cable. So the VGAM-HDMIF only works in one direction: from a VGA capable computer to a monitor or television that provides an HDMI input. If you are in need of an adapter or cable that converts in the opposite direction (from an HDMI computer to a VGA display), our uni-directional HDMI to VGA Converter Cable is best for that type of setup.

The Plugable VGAM-HDMIF adapter is available immediately in USA, Canada, most of Europe, and Japan. See the product page for buying options. If you have any questions at all, please just email – we’re happy to help!

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