The New Plugable Travel Power Station (It’s a great charger at home, too!)

Have you ever forgotten your phone charger at a hotel? I know I have. It’s awfully frustrating to get home, unpack, and realize I have no way to charge my phone. All because the wall outlet in my hotel room was back behind the nightstand, tough to reach and easy to forget about. Combine a week excursion at my favorite Washington beach, my forgetful self, and an inaccessible outlet, and my phone charger is almost guaranteed to get lost.

In comes the new Travel Power Station. No more inaccessible outlets or chargers attached to an outlet you can’t see. No more packing multiple chargers for multiple devices. The Travel Power Station gives easy access to outlets and charging ports exactly where you need it, when you need it. No more fumbling behind a night stand or accidentally leaving your charger in the hotel room; The Power Station is always in sight and accessible.

The three built-in smart charging USB ports can provide up to 20W of power to devices, and the two 3-prong AC power outlets enable easy access to plug in your laptop charger or any other device which requires an AC adapter. The USB charging ports automatically select the best charging signal for the device, so you can always be sure that your device is charging at the maximum rate available. With 20W of total power available, this means that two smartphones and a tablet can be charged simultaneously after a day of adventures.

With all of these features combined in a compact form-factor, the versatile Travel Power Station is a great device to pack in your travel bag, and great fit for many home or offices uses as well. Feel free to comment below or email with any questions — we’re here to help!

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