Microscope, Camera, or Microphone not working after Windows 10 April 2018 Update? We can help!

Microsoft recently released their Windows 10 April 2018 Update (Version 1803) and with this update came a number of changes to the Windows 10 Settings application which can disable some input devices like microscopes/webcams and microphones. This issue and solution can affect any camera or audio input device, and is not specific to Plugable products. Continue reading below for step-by-step instructions on how to fix your microscope, webcam device, or microphone issues caused by the Windows 1803 Update.

For users of Plugable products, our Microscopes, USB Audio Adapter, USB-VOX microphone, or a microphone connected to one of our USB docking stations are the devices most likely to be affected by this issue. The most common error encountered with our microscopes is message in the Digital Viewer program stating “The camera is in use by another application.”

Thanks to the diligent work of one of our customers working through a support case with one of our Technical Support Engineers, the problem was found to be caused by the Privacy settings for Cameras and Microphones within the Windows 10 Settings interface. This has resulted in some systems completely disabling any access to Cameras (our microscopes use a webcam sensor) and Microphones, or simply restricting access to specific applications.

To check and fix your Camera and Microphone Privacy settings in Windows 10:

1) Open Windows Settings by clicking on Start -> Settings (cog-wheel icon) or by using the shortcut Windows key + I.

2) Click on the Privacy option

3) In the Privacy section, you will find a menu bar on the left with many options.

4) Under App permissions, you will see the options for Camera and Microphone.

5) Please visit either of these sections to check if your Camera(s) or Microphone(s) have been disabled from access by Windows. If they are set to “Off” like in the images below, please set them to “On” to enable applications to access any video or microphone devices.

If you’re having trouble finding or changing these settings and are using a Plugable product, please send a message to support@plugable.com along with a description of your problem and which device you are using and we would be happy to help!

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