Transform your Samsung Galaxy Phone to a Desktop PC with Plugable’s First USB-C Phone Docking Station

A Desktop Experience Through Your Phone

We’re excited to announce Plugable’s first USB-C Phone Docking Station (UD-CUBE-15W) — the Phone Cube! With a compatible DeX-enabled Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to connect your phone to the dock and hook up an HDMI display to drive a full-on desktop experience. This doesn’t mean just mirroring your phone display (although you can do that too), but you can actually drive an entire desktop, complete with an HDMI monitor and USB ports to connect peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, and a storage device. Don’t forget an Ethernet port for a wired Ethernet connection, too!

Many of your favorite mobile apps like the MS Office suite, Gmail, Google Chrome, Adobe Sketch, YouTube, and many more are already optimized for Samsung DeX. So when you connect your Galaxy to the Phone Cube and enter DeX mode, these apps are able to take advantage of your larger attached monitor (and even a keyboard and mouse), enabling you to work and play in ways that simply aren’t possible on a (comparatively) small phone screen.

Keep Your Phone Charged and Ready For Use

The Phone Cube provides up to 15W of power to your attached smartphone, keeping your battery charged during use for when you’re ready to disconnect and go. When you’re docked, however, you can enjoy being able to multi-task on your phone while navigating through the desktop experience.

Additionally, with a detachable 3 ft / 90cm USB-C to USB-C cable, we avoid a lot of issues typical of a USB-C male fixture on cradle-type docks. These force the phone to be stuck sitting fixed on a dock, preventing it from being used efficiently, while often requiring you to annoyingly remove your smartphone case. (Not to mention that a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone is now left inaccessible.) Our Phone Cube with its modular USB-C cable avoids all of this and allows you to be able to multitask smoothly and cleanly, enabling you to remain “docked” (in Dex mode) even while lifting the phone to your ear for a call or laying the phone flat on a desk as a drawing pad.

Samsung DeX and Galaxy Devices

The Phone Cube requires that the smartphone or tablet support Samsung DeX. Samsung DeX is currently supported on the following models:

  • Galaxy S10 / S10 5G / S10 Plus / S10e
  • Galaxy Note 9
  • Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus
  • Galaxy Note 8*
  • Galaxy S8*, Galaxy S8 Plus*, Galaxy S8 Active*
  • Galaxy Tab S5e
  • Galaxy Tab S4

*The S8 models require that the phone be updated to Android 9 “Pie” OS. Additionally, these smartphones are not compatible with the Ethernet port on the Phone Cube, so the use of the Ethernet port will not be possible.*

Where to Buy

The Phone Cube is available immediately in the USA, and will be available soon in Canada. As a special thank you to our customers on, we’re offering a special $20 launch discount for a limited time (simply clip the coupon on and the discount will automatically apply).

For further details about the Phone Cube, please see the Phone Cube’s product page. And of course, please feel free to comment below or contact our support team directly at with any questions or comments. We’re happy to help!

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