Device Charging Rates

Plugable does extensive testing to determine which devices charge at what rates on our chargers and charging capable hubs — if you’re looking for a charger, start here to see which units will charge your devices fastest. Just hit control+f on Windows or command+f on Mac to search for your device from our charging data published on this page. Below the Plugable-tested data is customer-reported information on whether their devices charge with our products.
If you find one of our chargers that looks like a good match for you, enter the SKU via the search button above or just look through our full product list.

Plugable Tested Charging Data

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The “MAX of mA with Host On” is a bit confusing at first glance. The easiest way to understand this is that these values are the maximum reported charging rate (mA) when connected to a computer (host) that is powered on. The “Max of mA with Host Off” is simply the opposite, it is the charging rate (mA) when there is no connected computer (host) or if the computer is turned off.

Some entries in the charging sheet contain blank spaces for the syncing capabilities, that is because we have not had a chance to test that device yet for syncing.

Note that some devices, may charge only at slow “trickle charge” rates, and not indicate they are charging. These are shown as a 0 charge rate.

Customer Tested Charging Data

Have a device we haven’t published charging data in the table above for? We publish all testing results as they happen, so unfortunately, if it’s not listed we’re not likely to have tested this particular device, but we also collect reports from end users though an automated online system. Here’s what other customers have reported using that:

Report Your Results

If neither resource has any information on a particular device, feel consider adding your own findings if you choose to try one of our chargers. Use the form below to report findings from your own device: