Plugable Bluetooth 2-Channel Monitor Speaker Set


The Plugable Bluetooth 2-Channel Monitor Speaker Set delivers excellent sound quality and a wealth of features in one complete package. Enjoy streaming your favorite music wirelessly using Bluetooth wireless technology, or attach the speakers directly to any audio source using the included 3.5mm to RCA and optical cables.

This studio-quality speaker set is self-amplified, so no additional bulky external amplifier is necessary. Plug into an AC power outlet and pair with your favorite audio source to start streaming your entire collection.

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  • Stereo speaker with integrated amplifier receives audio wirelessly streamed using Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Stream audio without a physical connection from your iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux device including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and many others
  • Secure Simple Pairing enables effortless and protected Bluetooth connections
  • Multiple wired connection methods including optical and analog RCA allow you to connect nearly any audio device
  • CSR APTx high quality audio (not supported by iOS)

The speakers feature an integrated 55 watt Class D, 2-channel amplifier with built-in crossover to deliver clean, crisp power to the appropriate drivers. Bass and treble adjustments allow you to easily tune the speakers to your preferences and room acoustics for the best listening experience.

Each ported enclosure contains 2 high-quality audio speakers (drivers): one 4″ glass fiber cone woofer and one 1″ silk dome tweeter, together capable of faithfully reproducing a wide frequency range of 55Hz – 20Khz. The enclosure, cross-over, and amplifier maintain a nearly flat reproduction of audio frequencies across the entire spectrum.

With Bluetooth wireless technology, you can stream audio directly from your phone, tablet, or computer right to the speakers. The standard A2DP profile supports bitrates up to 512 kbps. Quality is further enhanced using the Qualcomm aptX codec to compress audio when streamed over Bluetooth. This enables CD-like quality audio over a Bluetooth connection.

The standard RCA connector is nearly ubiquitous in the audio and home theater world. This enables an analog connection between your audio source directly to the speakers without a proprietary cable. The included RCA to 3.5mm audio cable also allows you to use your mobile device as a source through its headphone jack.

A direct optical connection can be made with the included TOSLINK cable. This allows digital audio signals to stream between your device and the speakers without any pre-processing.

Technical Specifications

Model BT-BOX4S
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth v3.0
Bluetooth Profile A2DP
Operating Range Up to 30ft (10m) in clear air
Pairing method Keyless SSP for Bluetooth v2.1 and above\, below version 2.1 requires password “0000”
Freq. Response 55Hz – 20Khz (measured curves below)
Impedance 4 ohms
Output Power (18W + 10W)*2 RMS
Input methods Bluetooth\, Aux\, Optical
Dimensions 10″ x 7.25″ x 6.25″ (25.4 x 18.4 x 15.9 cm) per speaker
Power Adapter Input: AC 100~240V\, 50/60Hz~~Output: DC 5W (5V/1A)
Bluetooth SIG Certification Plugable BT-BOX4S



Q: How do I setup the BT-BOX4S speakers?

  1. Plug in and tighten the speaker-to-speaker cable on each speaker
  2. Attach the right speaker to an AC wall outlet with supplied cable
  3. Attach or pair with an input source, and select the appropriate source
  4. Set the appropriate volume and Bass or Treble gain.

Q: How do I pair my device with the BT-BOX4S?

  1. Ensure speakers are powered on
  2. Press and hold the INPUT button until you hear a pairing sound. LED will blink blue to indicate pairing mode
  3. Enable a Bluetooth search on the host device
  4. Pair the device named “Plugable BT-BOX4S” on host

Q: How do I use NFC to pair my device with the BT-BOX4S (Android only)?

  1. Ensure speakers are powered on
  2. Enable NFC on the host device
  3. Place the host device over the NFC logo and follow the process for your device when prompted. You’ll need to have the ‘sweet spot’ of the host device (often the device logo) very close to the speaker NFC logo.

Q: How do I use the buttons on the speaker keypad?
Input: Short pressescycle trough the input selections, and the current selection will be indicated by the LEDs. A single long press will put the speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode.

Volume Control: Click the volume button “+” to increase the volume and click the volume button “-” to decrease the volume.

Mode: Click to change the mode of the “+” and “-” button between Volume (normally selected), Bass, and Treble, then use the “+” and “-” buttons to raise or lower the emphasis. The current selection will be indicated by the LEDs.

Q: Can I use the BT-BOX4S with my computer?
A: These speakers will work if your computer supports Bluetooth 2.0 or higher and the A2DP audio profile, or you use one of your sound card outputs to attach directly to the RCA or optical inputs on the speakers.

Q: What does the BT LED indicate?
Pairing mode: LED flashes blue
Standby mode(no connected device): LED is red
Standby mode(connected device): LED is solid Blue

Q: How do I reset the BT-BOX4S to factory settings?
A: Use the Remote RESET button to reset Volume, Bass and Treble. Alternatively, turn the speaker off and on again.

Q: How do I use the remote control?
A: Make sure the remote has its battery (CR2025) installed. Point it towards the front of the right speaker (the one with the controls on top) and press the appropriate button indicated on each key. The receiver is located in the ring of the top speaker.

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