Plugable Performance Mouse Pad

Does a mouse pad really help? Engineers carefully consider the materials, cut, and finish of feet on gaming mice to provide an optimal user experience. While your mouse might work on many different surfaces, it is best to give it the best possible surface to work with. Just as driving a car on rough ground, gravel, or over a slick patch of ice doesn’t do your car any favors in the handling department, neither does the surface of your desk for your mouse. The Plugable Performance mouse pad features a hybrid-weave surface that will keep your mouse movement smooth and precise, including when you finally stop at your intended target.

Micro-Weave Hybrid Surface

The Plugable Performance Mouse Pad features a hybrid-weave polyester surface that balances fast mouse movement with the ability to precisely stop your movement where you intend. The pattern of this surface keeps your mouse gliding with equal force in any direction.

Natural Rubber Backing. Stitched borders too.

The back of the mouse pad will keep your pad in place even if your swanky gamer hoodie is tugging at the topside with that flickshot you just performed. The stitching along the edges will help keep your pad looking great without small frays in the surface material at the edges.

Easy To Keep Clean

The entire pad is water resistant to avoid soaking in your drink of choice. As an added bonus, the pad is machine washable. Just toss the pad in with a cold wash and hang it up somewhere to dry and you’re back to a sleek black mouse pad again in no time.


Model MP-SCL
Materials Polyester; Cotton; and Natural Rubber
Surface Type Hybrid (Balance of speed and stopping ability)
Edge Cotton Thread Stitching
Dimensions 40 cm x 32 cm x 3 mm

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