Plugable USB 2-Port Power Bank + Pass-Through Smart Charging (5,000mAh)

The Plugable PB-WA5K is a lightweight combination high-capacity portable battery pack and USB charger. Whether on the go or at home you can use this portable battery to provide the extra power to keep your portable devices running all day long. The unique design allows you to smart charge your devices and the PB-WA5K’s internal battery at the same time when connected to an AC outlet. This gives you the flexibility to continue charging your devices while also recharging the internal battery to use when on the go.


  • 2 Smart Charging USB Ports
  • Smart Charging Integrated Ciruit (IC) enables attached USB devices to charge at the maximum rate
  • Up to 2.4A per port (3.4A, 17W total when connected to AC outlet) and up to 2.2A per port, (2.2A, 11W total when on battery mode)
  • High Capacity 5,000mAh internal Lithium-Ion battery
  • Flip-out US AC power plug for easy storage and recharging on the go
  • Unique shake to power on feature
  • Mutli-color status LED indicator














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We designed this battery to be simple to use. That meant removing confusing buttons and vague LED light indicators for a more straightforward and elegant design. Unlike most USB battery packs our PB-WA5K isn’t constrained to being recharged from a USB port, rather you just plug it into any US AC wall outlet. The dual port design allows you to charge two devices at once. Both ports are controlled by a smart IC and are capable of charging two completely different devices simultaneously at their maximum rate.

To turn on the charger, simply shake it quickly side to side and the status LED will illuminate. When plugged into an AC wall outlet the charger will remain on until it is unplugged. When used as a portable battery pack, it will automatically turn off after 1 minute if no USB device is attached and being charged. The status LED will let you know what is happening with easy to follow color codes for battery life.

For a list of tested devices and charging rates, please see the charging FAQ.

Please note the charger has 2.2A total available power when in battery mode. When drained, some high-power devices may not charge until the power bank is plugged in to AC wall power.


Q: What do the LED colors mean?
A: When using the PB-WA5K as a battery pack the LED will indicate as follows:

  • No light means the battery is turned off or fully discharged
  • Solid Blue 75-100% remaining
  • Solid Green 35-74% remaining
  • Solid Red 11-34% remaining
  • Blinking Red 1-10% remaining

When plugged into an AC outlet, the LED will behave slightly different:

  • No light means the battery is fully charged and the charger is off
  • Solid Blue 100% charged
  • Blinking Blue 74-99% charged
  • Blinking Green 35-74% charged
  • Blinking Red 0-34% charged

USB Charging

Battery charging over USB has become a standard practice but the actual charging behavior of different devices is often unpredictable and sometimes disappointing. The devices themselves decide how much current to draw and manufacturers haven’t settled on a single standard. We constantly test our products with as many different devices as possible and publish the results so it’s easy to determine the charging behavior to expect from your device on each of our USB products. These are the results for the devices we’ve tested on this charger so far.

For hubs, "Hosted" means the hub is attached to a host computer that is powered on. "Unhosted" means just the opposite, that the hub isn't attached to a host computer, or that the host computer is turned off. This doesn't apply to stand-alone chargers that only plug in to a wall outlet.

The "Estimated Charging Time" column is the minimum amount of time that the device would take to charge if it was fully drained. This is just an estimate! We provided this to give a general idea of the expected charge time. If this column is blank for a device, that means that the device indicated that it wasn't charging. In this case, even if the device is drawing power, it will likely either "tread water" keeping the battery at a constant level, or slowly lose ground.

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