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Plugable 44 Inch USB 2.0 Extension Cable With Vertical Standing Dock-Style Port

USB2-EXT-D1 image

  • “Does what it says. The “dock” portion of this is weighted heavily enough to accommodate my 4G wireless card and doesn’t tip over. What a great product!” – Raj Mitra
  • “It works great and meets all expectations.” – debee
  • “This item sets right in front of the computer and makes it very convenient to to use my storage devices.” – Bob Farrow, Hubbardton, VT


  • Simple, small, single-port dock on your desk for your most commonly used devices
  • Most useful for USB flash drives, wireless devices, etc. without their own cable
  • Quick single-handed plug-unplug. Get cables up off the floor for easy access on desk
  • Single, passive, vertical standing USB 2.0 Port with 44″ cable
  • USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type A Female connectors

Model: USB2-EXT-D1


44 inch USB 2.0 extension cable with a single vertical standing dock-style port. Keep nearby on your desk for devices that are unplugged/replugged frequently, such as USB flash drives, etc. Helps you avoid digging under desk to attach USB cables. Lightweight and small. Standard USB 2.0 Type A male to Type A female. Passive extension cable supporting all USB 2.0/1.1 devices at full functionality. Visit plugable.com for more information and tips for making the most of your Plugable 44 inch USB 2.0 Extension Cable With Vertical Standing Dock-Style Port.

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