Plugable USB-C to HDMI Adapter


  • 4K RESOLUTION – With this HDMI to USB C Adapter add an HDMI port to connect a monitor to USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. HDMI output supports up to 4K 30Hz offering great picture quality and other resolutions like 1920×1080 and 2560×1440 at 60Hz
  • EXPAND YOUR WORKSPACE – Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI Adapter converts USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode signal from your laptop to HDMI enabling you to expand your workspace to any HDMI TV or monitor. Can be configured in extended or mirrored mode
  • SMALL CABLE FLEXIBILITY – Small, lightweight HDMI adapter is perfect for travel and constructed with cutting edge materials including a flat, flexible printed circuit cable, providing durability while accommodating any workspace
  • COMPATIBILITY – Compatible with USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 Windows systems, Chromebooks, 2018+ iPad Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, iMac, Dell XPS, Lenovo Thinkpad, HP Spectre x360, Samsung Galaxy DeX, and other systems which support USB-C DP Alt Mode


Connect your HDMI equipped monitor, television or projector to your laptop and achieve resolutions up to 3840×2160 @ 30Hz (4K 30Hz).

Other popular supported resolutions include 3440×1440, 2560×1440, 1920×1200, 1920×1080 and lower.

The adapter is equipped with a flat, printed circuit cable that allows for a small footprint and flexibility. This means the cable itself is more sturdy and less prone to breakage from everyday use like traditional, round, copper cables

The compact and easy to use flat profile enables the adapter to hug surfaces and take advantage of tight spaces. This flexibility saves space and eliminates clutter so that you don’t have to deal with the cable mess.

Measuring in at 1.7in x 1in x .4in (4.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.1cm), the small, compact size is great for travel and small desk spaces.

Lighter than a pencil, this adapter makes for a great spare and is easy to take from your desk to the conference room. Throw it in your bag and you’ll forget it’s there until you need it.


Compatible Systems
Plug and Play installation on any Chromebook / Windows / Mac / Linux hosts which supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode (Alt Mode) video output functionality.

Adapter has been fully tested for functionality on the 2018+ iPad Pro (mirroring only) / MacBook Air / iMac and iMac Pro / MacBook and MacBook Pro / Google Pixelbook / Dell XPS 13 & XPS 15 / Lenovo Thinkpad / HP Spectre x360 / Samsung DeX capable devices / Other systems which support USB-C DP Alt Mode.

Audio is supported on HDMI capable TVs projectors and monitors with built-in speakers.

Incompatible Systems
Most current phones and tablets with USB-C ports do not support Alt Mode video output.

This adapter will not work with DisplayPort monitors.

ASMedia USB 3.1 controllers do not support Alt Mode video output.

Most motherboards with dual USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports are limited to a single Alt Mode output; only one Alt Mode adapter supported per system.


Q: My system has multiple USB-C and/or Thunderbolt 3 ports. Can I add multiple Alt Mode adapters for multiple displays?
A: If your system supports multiple Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C Alt Mode outputs, then you will be able to use multiple adapters on one system. However, there are some Thunderbolt 3/USB-C Alt Mode systems that limit the video output to one port.

Q: Does your adapter support audio to my monitor/TV?
A: Yes! Our adapter is able to support the transfer of video and audio over HDMI. Please ensure that the monitor has an HDMI port and built-in speakers by checking with the manufacturer. You may also need to set the specific display as the Default Playback Device within the Windows Sound settings in order to play audio over the connected display’s speakers.

Q: Why doesn’t my desktop display when I connect my monitor to my system using this adapter?
A: There are a few things to double-check if your monitor is not displaying upon connecting our adapter. First, make sure that the HDMI connector is connected securely to an HDMI input port. Also, ensure that the input setting within the monitor’s menu is set to the HDMI source input. Some monitors may not automatically detect and change to the input port that is being used.


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