Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Terminal

Plugable Universal Docking Station



  • Extend one computer to support several users at once (one additional user per USB terminal)
  • Provides connectivity for VGA/DVI display, keyboard, mouse, audio headset, and 2 free USB ports
  • Requires USB terminal / zero-client capable operating system (not included)
  • Compatible with Userful Linux Multiseat 2011, Miniframe SoftXPand for Windows XP, Windows Multipoint Server 2011 (beta available now), and open source Linux in development

Product Description

The Plugable UT-1 enables turning one computer into many — several users, each on their own USB terminal, can share a single PC. Each user appears to have full use of their own computer — their own login, desktop, etc. The UT-1 provides hardware for USB to VGA/DVI, audio in/out, and 4 additional free USB ports. Connect a spare VGA/DVI monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the UT-1 to allow it to function as a USB terminal. (Note the ethernet port is provided for the limited scenarios of outgoing connections only – the terminal must be connected to the server via USB 2.0).

With one or more terminals sharing a single computer, significant savings can be realized: add seats at less than half the cost of a full computer, cut effort spent on security updates, maintenance, and backup by maintaining a single computer rather than many, and save up to 50% or more on power bills as each terminal is stateless, fanless, and consumes less than 12W.

The Plugable UT-1 must be used with a multiseat capable operating system, which must be purchased separately.

Operating Systems Supporting USB terminals

This product requires an operating system or software package that supports USB terminals and/or the Plugable UT-1 explicitly. This support is available from several sources, and is available on several operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7 Server, and Linux).

Userful Multiseat Linux 2011™

The Plugable UT-1 is supported with in-the-box drivers and a fully plug and play experience with Userful Multiseat 20101

Visit for more information on Userful’s preview program.

Miniframe SoftXpand™ for Windows XP

Miniframe’s SoftXpand virtualization software lets you turn any Windows XP machine you have today into several, with USB terminals like the Plugable UT-1.

Visit Miniframe for more information on their SoftXpand line of multiseat solutions for Windows XP.

Windows Multipoint Server 2010™ and Windows Multipoint Server 2011™

The Plugable UT-1 is compatible with Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server 2010 and 2011 (currently in beta). Requires version 5.6 beta USB graphics drivers, downloadable from DisplayLink.

To learn more about Multipoint Server visit

Linux and open source multiseat

Open source multiseat solutions are under development, including a Google Summer of Code project with hardware donated by Plugable.

At this point, these solutions are useful only for admins willing to do advanced configuration, but are not yet plug and play in a way that’s suitable for large-scale deployments.

Check our USB terminal postings for more information on the progress of fully open source multiseat solutions, based on Linux.

Staying up to date

Subscribe to the Plugable feed for news and updates on using USB hardware with these various platforms.

Please visit or email for more information on installing drivers, when not already included in the box.

What’s inside

The UT-1 shares a common hardware platform with the Plugable UD-160-A universal docking station. The UT-1’s functions are provided by the following chips:

• Terminus Technology USB Hub Chip
• DisplayLink DL-165 USB Graphics Chip
• C-Media CM6300 USB Audio Chip (supporting the USB Audio Class 1.0 standard)
• ASIX AX88772A USB Ethernet Chip

Each of these chips has some level of open source driver available.

Where to Buy

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