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Using the USB2-E100 on Windows RT

Officially, we don’t support our USB 2.0 10/100 Network Adapter on Windows RT. This is because Windows RT won’t recognize it automatically — Windows RT 8.1 lacks the plug and play IDs, and doesn’t provide a way to install INFs or 3rd party drivers to provide them after the fact. The full Intel/AMD version of […]

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Zoom Behavior on the USB2-Micro200X USB Microscope

Our Plugable Micro 200X USB Microscope is a wonderful tool for individuals interested in the finer points of the world around them, or teachers trying to get students engaged in the classroom. But how do the optics actually work? ¬†This article will address how the Varifocal Lens works in relation to our microscope. First off, […]

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Thanks for participating in our USB Microscope Contest!

Thanks to everyone that participated in our USB Microscope contest! We’ve selected two winners with the most number of correct guesses and contacted them to receive a free Plugable USB Microscope. We had a lot of good guesses, “really really old zombie skin” and “just turned zombie skin” were my personal favorites. If you’re curious, […]

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Plugable USB 2.0 USB Microscope

See amazing detail on any Windows or Mac PC with USB 2.0 ports with the Plugable USB Microscope. A fun, unique, and educational gift idea, the USB2-Micro-200X features optical zoom from 1x-50x, and Digital Zoom up to 200x. 8 Leds with dimmer for fine tuning illumination enable shooting in the dark, and MicroCapture software for Windows and OS X offers real-time preview with video capture or snapshot taking capabilities.

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