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Plugable PL2303-DB9 USB Serial Adapter Troubleshooting in Windows

The Plugable USB serial adapter allows you to connect legacy devices that use RS232 serial communications to computers that do not have a serial port. Although this usually works well, a number of problems can crop up because many of the devices people want to connect are older devices with various issues. A frequent problem […]

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Prolific launches Android SDK for USB Serial Devices

Prolific has just announced the release of their USB serial adapter SDK for Android. We’ve just completed quick testing on an Android 4.1 tablet (Asus Transformer TF300) of the recently released Prolific USB Serial “QuickTest” App, using our Plugable USB Serial Adapter (which uses the Prolific PL2303HXD chipset). More details on the SDK are available […]

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Installing a USB Serial Adapter on Mac OS X

The easiest way to go about installing our Plugable USB to Serial adapter is by starting with the device. If you want to verify that the adapter and the driver were installed properly click here Connect the device to the Mac. Once connected click on the Apple icon and on ‘About This Mac’ Click on […]

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Installing the Plugable USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Adapter on Windows 7

Windows 7 will detect and pop up a wizard to install drivers when our Plugable USB to Serial adapter is plugged in, but it’s also easy (as essential on other operating systems) to install the driver software first. Here’s how. Get the driver from: https://plugable.com/drivers/prolific/ You’ll want to download the driver and unzip it anywhere […]

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How to change the COM port for a USB Serial adapter on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

Start by going to the Device Manager. Once there do the following: Expand the Ports ‘(COM& LPT)’ You should be looking at something like this: As you can see Windows has set the port to COM10. However many legacy applications expect the port to be between 1-4. Let’s change that: Right click on the device […]

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Plugable USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Adapter (Prolific PL2303HX Chipset)

Allow any PC to connect to serial devices and programs that communicate through COM ports. PL-2303HX Rev D Chipset for high performance and compatibility across Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms. Powered by USB – no external power needed.

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