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DisplayLink USB 2.0 Graphics Adapters on Linux – 2014 Edition

A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post discussing the state of USB Graphics on Linux systems, specifically, Fedora 18. What follows is an update on the situation, looking at both Fedora 20 and Ubuntu 13.10, and examining how far we have come, and how far we still have to go. The […]

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Fedora 18 and DisplayLink USB 2.0 Graphics Adapters

With the recent release of Fedora 18, we have been testing the many changes and improvements to the DisplayLink software stack that have landed for this latest version of the popular open-source distribution. A large amount of work has gone into improving functionality and ease of use with DisplayLink USB Graphics devices. Most of these […]

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Windows Multipoint Server 2012 and Plugable USB Zero Clients

Windows Multipoint Server allows you to share a single PC among many users by connecting many USB zero clients (USB terminals). It’s a huge maintenance, power, and cost savings. Microsoft’s newly released 2012 version has a greatly improved software interface for supporting USB clients. But this change meant that, until today, the most popular USB […]

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Plugable USB 2.0 Thin Client Full HD

Enables many users to share a single computer – up to 14 thin clients for Windows; 7 for Linux. Connects via USB 2.0 (not via network), so it’s fully plug and play, low power, and low latency. Works with Windows Multipoint Server 2012, 2011, certain Linux distros such as Fedora 18, USB multiseat Linux 2011 or later. Requires one VGI or DVI monitor and USB keyboard and mouse for each thin client (not included). Built-in connectors for DVI/VGA monitor up to 1920×1080, 3.5 mm audio for headset, and 4 powered USB ports.

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