Plugable Launching Kickstarter for the Pro8 Docking Station with Charging for the Dell Venue 8 Pro on Wednesday, June 25th

Update: June 25th – The Kickstarter is Live!

Our Dock Connected to a Dell Venue 8 Pro with a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Ethernet Connection, & Headset Attached! All that with 2 USB ports to spare!

We released a demo video on YouTube last November showcasing the Dell Venue 8 Pro with our flagship UD-3900 USB 3.0 Dual Display Universal Docking station, essentially turning the tablet into a full desktop workstation. We received an extremely warm welcome from the Dell Venue 8 Pro user community and even caught the attention of Michael Dell (CEO, Dell) himself who retweeted our video. To this date we have over 150,000 views and almost 400 user comments.

Although this video showed the full capability of the tablet, it also highlighted a major flaw that could limit its uses: there is only one USB Micro B port that can only be used to either charge the tablet or to connect it with external USB devices. This seriously limits the Dell Venue 8 Pro’s capabilities as it cannot remain connected to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse during a full 8+ hour work day without running out of battery well before then. Consumers quickly realized this problem and the solution to this constraint quickly became an active topic of conversation on the comments on the YouTube video and in many tech forums. This Kickstarter is the culmination of our work to make that happen!


Some of our early prototypes

After months of development and multiple prototypes, we have created a product that allows full desktop replacement functionality and to charge at the same time. Furthermore, this docking station also works with the Lenovo Miix 2 which faces the same critical limitation as the Venue. Currently we are in the final phase of prototyping and are working with our manufacturing partner to perfect the docking station so that it can be brought to the market in mass.

Do  you know someone with a Dell Venue 8 Pro or Lenovo Miix 2 8″ Windows Tablet? Let them know about our Kickstarter! Even if you don’t and just want to support Plugable, please pledge just $1 and we pledge to keep you up to date on our progress with exclusive updates along the way. This will give you special access once the device goes on the market and a huge thank you from us! Every single dollar will help us reach our goal!

We are launching our Kickstarter on Wednesday, June 25th 10AM PDT for this exciting new product and we need your help! If you are interested in supporting this project then you can sign up for email notifications here at http://plugable.com/kickstarter



Custom PCB Prototype


Also Compatible with Laptops


Single 20W Power Adapter for Dock and Tablet


Included Items (power adapter varies per geography)

12 thoughts on “Plugable Launching Kickstarter for the Pro8 Docking Station with Charging for the Dell Venue 8 Pro on Wednesday, June 25th”

  1. Way to go, Plugable! I absolutely love this company and it’s dedication to it’s customers by bringing to market highly desirable products with top notch engineering and AMAZING customer service to back it! This product is going to make a LOT of people very very happy!

    1. Me too! I adore my plugable USB 3.0 for my laptop, can no longer live without it at home for my ASUS laptop. Plugs into everything! Two external monitors, CD/DVD drive, speakers, external hard drive, microphone, all at once!!! It’s phenomenal! Now I’ll need to get another docking station for my Dell tablet? Well, I’d consider it. I love my Dell tablet too….

    2. This is actually a common “issue” for some of our existing customers.

      Our best recommendation is to see if any friends or family could get use out of your current dock to free you up for a dock capable of charging your tablet!

  2. There are a number of other devices that have this design/limitation; for instance, the Lenovo k3011 Lynx. Will the Kickstarter work on the Lynx?


    1. We have updated our FAQ section on our Kickstarter page about using other tablets.

      Unfortunately we have not test your Lenovo Lynx. Our main focus has been on the smaller 8″ Windows tablets, however if there is enough interest, we may look in to purchasing more tablets to test compatibility.

  3. The Lynx has the same Microsoft/Intel bonehead charging design on a similarly equipped system. The keyboard/dock was an optional accessory that would allow simultaneous charging and USB; it was full of bugs and was discontinued. Te Lynx itself was also recently discontinued. I am sure that there is a market for your device with Lynx owners like me.

    I don’t see the logic in limiting your consideration to the smaller 8″ Windows tablets. Most of the larger tablets have the same design shortcoming. Heck, find yourself a Lynx and see if it works with your device.

  4. Our choice to focus on the smaller 8″ tablets has mainly been due to the fact of their sheer popularity. The Dell Venue 8 Pro dominates the market for inexpensive Intel BayTrail based tablets.

    Larger tablets like the Lynx usually have options for a dock from the manufacturer. It looks like the Lynx has the option for a keyboard dock that provides two full size USB ports which would allow charging while using USB devices.

  5. Like I said, ” The keyboard/dock was an optional accessory that would allow simultaneous charging and USB; it was full of bugs and was discontinued.”


  6. Is this available for purchase outside of kickstarter for those who did not see kickstarter during the pledge time?

  7. There has been a flood of inquiries to where individuals who missed the Kickstarter can get the Pro8. Once production is finished and units ship out to our Kickstarter backers in November, we plan to begin selling units on Amazon. We do not yet have an exact date, but we hope to have the Pro8 available to the public in time for the holiday season. Visit http://plugable.com/kickstarter for more information and sign up for our email mailing list to get the latest updates on the Pro8 and availability.

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