Plugable USB3-HUB81X4 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub (4A Power Adapter and VL811+ chipset)

USB3-HUB81x4_In use illustration

  • 4-Port USB 3.0 hub (also backward compatible with all USB 2.0 hosts and devices)
  • Simple, clean port layout (all ports on two sides) to avoid desktop clutter
  • 4A power adapter for full support of USB 3.0’s higher available 900mA per port
  • VIA 81X hub controller for maximum compatibility and performance. Firmware upgradable
  • Current version not for USB-IF / Microsoft Winqual testing

Product Description

Features the leading VIA USB 3.0 hub controller chipset with upgradable firmware for maximum compatibility with the evolving universe of available USB 3.0 hardware. Full forward and backward compatibility between USB 3.0 and 2.0/1.1 hosts and devices. Enables use now with USB 2.0 systems and devices, while being ready for a future USB 3.0 upgrade. With both a USB 3.0 capable host and device, supports the higher transfer rates of the new USB 3.0 specification (up to 10x USB 2.0 speeds). The hub itself requires no drivers, other than those already on the host.

For those interested in USB-IF certified hardware: On May 24th, an upcoming revision of this model was among the first USB 3.0 hubs to receive USB-IF certification. We will be transitioning over to the USB-IF certified version late this summer. When that happens, you’ll see the official USB-IF logo appear on all our materials and we’ll mention the certification in the listing. Want to get notified when these units are available? Email and and ask to be notified – we’ll be happy to do so.

Model: USB3-HUB81X4


The hub’s one upstream port and four downstream ports support not just SuperSpeed transfer (5Gbps), but are also backwards compatible with previous USB specifications and offer support for Hi-Speed (480Mbps), Full-Speed (12Mbps), and Low-Speed (1.5Mbps) traffic. SuperSpeed USB not only makes transferring HD video files, high pixel count digital photos, and backing up hard drives quick and easy. USB’s practical speeds vary by device, but are lower than the theoretical speeds.


Includes higher capacity 4A AC power adapter, for powering every port to USB 3.0’s maximum of 900mA. Power management features include the ability for devices to communicate latency tolerance to the host and for links to enter progressively lower power states when link partners are idle. The VIA chipset is unique in that it is the first USB hub controller to use advanced 80nm CMOS technology, further lowering the chip’s power usage.

Replacement US power adapters can be bought here.

In the box

USB 3.0 4-port Hub (VIA VL81X Hub Controller), 4A Power Adapter with USA plug, USB 3.0 Cable, and User Manual.


USB Charging
Battery charging over USB has become a standard practice but the actual charging behavior of different devices is often unpredictable and sometimes disappointing. The devices themselves decide how much current to draw and manufacturers haven’t settled on a single standard. We’ve been working to test our products with as many different devices as possible and publish the results so it’s easy to determine the charging behavior to expect from your device on each of our USB products. These are the results for the devices we’ve tested on this device so far.

text color update
The "MAX of mA with Host On" is a bit confusing at first glance. The easiest way to understand this is that these values are the maximum reported charging rate (mA) when connected to a computer (host) that is powered on. The "Max of mA with Host Off" is simply the opposite, it is the charging rate (mA) when there is no connected computer (host) or if the computer is turned off.

Some entries in the charging sheet contain blank spaces for the syncing capabilities, that is because we have not had a chance to test that device yet for syncing.

Note that some devices, may charge only at slow "trickle charge" rates, and not indicate they are charging. These are shown as a 0 charge rate.

Don't see your device? We also have a list of customer supplied reports on other devices here:

Still don't see your device? We'd love to hear your experience. Enter your charging results into our charging form and we'll include it in our results data.

Not satisfied with how your devices charge?
Take a look at the USB-MC1 charging adapter. This charging adapter let's you turn any USB port on a powered USB hub or computer into a 1A charging port. The only limitations is that the AC adapter of the powered USB hub needs to be rated for at least 1A for each USB charging adapter. For instance, you won't be able to turn your 10 Port USB 2.0 Hub into a 10 port charging station as the USB hub comes with a 2.5A AC adapter. This means that you can charge at most 2 devices using the USB Charging Adapters, because each adapter will consume 1A leaving .5A for any other devices on the hub.

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