New Plugable Bluetooth Headset Supports Both Calling and Virtual Assistant Features

1-in_useLaunching today for just $19.95 (USA), the Plugable Bluetooth Headset supports all standard Bluetooth headset calling features plus one-button access to Siri, Google Now, and other Voice Assistants.

Support for voice control of devices is ubiquitous these days. It came to popularity with Siri when the iPhone 4S was unveiled along with iOS 5. Now all of the big players have their own voice assistant from Google Now to Cortana. Amazon is even building an ecosystem around their voice assistant, Alexa, for use in their Echo and Fire TV devices.

None of these solutions are perfect, but they’re all headed in a very good direction. Images of Tom Cruise in Minority Report controlling his entire home with only his voice comes to mind, or great scenes of various members of the USS Enterprise D interacting with the ship’s library computer. These images show naturally interacting with immensely complex technology using relatively simple voice commands, and in some forms this has become reality. Considering that voice recognition is still very much in it’s infancy, the future looks bright!

Bluetooth Color LogoWith mobile devices, the experience can be a little frustrating. This happens because the microphone built into mobile devices are often meant to have a face pressed right up next to them, so the device can’t hear the person speaking, or can’t hear them clearly. Our new Voice Assistant Headset utilizes Bluetooth® wireless technology and a directional microphone to wirelessly send voice commands to mobile devices. This eliminates the voice clarity issue, enables control of these devices without even having to touch them, and allows for hands-free telephony.

On a device running a vanilla version of Android, for instance, you can simply double touch the multi-function button on the headset and say “Ok Google, navigate home”. The voice assistant will then access your home address (providing you’ve set one up in Google Maps) and provide turn-by-turn directions, all streamed on the fly through the headset’s earpiece. No more browsing through app pages to find the maps application then typing in an address while distractedly driving.

Apple SiriThis is just one small scenario, and many more very useful commands are possible. Check out Siri, Google Now, and Cortana for more info.

Take a look at our new Plugable BT-HS40B Voice Assistant Headset detail page for more details.

Bluetooth hands-free calling and a voice assistant at your beck and call — the future is exciting, and it’s here now. The product is shipping today to customers in the USA, with other global markets to follow shortly.

Any questions? We’re happy to help! Just post below or email anytime. Thanks for going out of your way for Plugble products!

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