Add Bluetooth® Capability to your Existing Home Stereo System

Small, simple adapter from Plugable retrofits existing speakers to support Bluetooth audio.

High-fidelity audio has been a worldwide obsession for many years, which means most homes have at least one decent stereo system. As technology has evolved, audio quality hasn’t really improved (some would argue it’s worse than it used to be), but convenience has increased dramatically. Our phones have become our primary music player. Audio compression has enabled us to do things like store thousands of songs on a postage stamp sized memory device, stream music from the internet, and transmit audio using Bluetooth wireless technology. While these technologies have evolved, audio gear has slowly added features to keep up. In my case, I don’t really want to upgrade my system just to add a feature, I’ve spent serious time collecting my setup to get just the sound I want!

With the new Bluetooth Audio Receiver, you don’t have to change your setup to wirelessly transmit music to your home stereo. The unit plugs into any standard wall outlet and contains one standard 3.5mm audio output that can be hooked into any auxiliary audio port, such as the one commonly found on the back of most stereo receivers. The device then acts as a standard Bluetooth stereo audio device, enabling you to stream audio from any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet without a physical connection to your home stereo.

The Bluetooth Audio Receiver attaches directly to a wall outlet so no external power adapter is required. In addition to audio capabilities, it can power some speakers and charge most mobile devices using the 1A USB charging port. This allows you to continue streaming music when your mobile device gets a low battery, and keeps everything neatly packaged so you don’t have to take up another outlet with a phone charger.

Pull that excellent audio equipment out of storage or hook the Bluetooth Audio Receiver up to your current audio cabinet and start enjoying music with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology.

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2 comments on “Add Bluetooth® Capability to your Existing Home Stereo System”

  1. Beni Paskin-Cherniavsky Reply

    Can I pair multiple laptops/phones with it? Ideally would mix all streams, but playing from one source at time is good enough, just don’t want to constantly pair/unpair, which all BT->3.5 adapters I saw so far require…

    • Sam Morgan Reply

      Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, this device only supports one pair at a time.

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