Bluetooth® Wireless Flexible Neckband Headset

The Plugable Bluetooth Collar Headset delivers excellent sound quality and a wealth of features in a compact, comfortable package. Enjoy listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks from your mobile device with Bluetooth wireless technology while traveling, commuting, or engaging in any range of active tasks.

With a built-in Mic, HD voice support, and passive noise-cancelling, you can take and make phone calls and engage with your smartphone’s voice assistant (Siri & Google Assistant) without ever touching your smartphone.

This headset is self-powered using a high capacity lithium-ion battery which provides 12+ hours of typical usage from a single charge, and over 200 hours in low-power standby. Charge once from any USB port and pair with your favorite audio source to start streaming your entire collection throughout the day.

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  • Excellent audio quality, comfort and features including 5 audio equalization presets, dynamic bass boost, passive noise cancelling, and HD voice for calls. Bluetooth technology enables quick, simple pairing and playback from your smart phone, tablet, music players, and more. Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, & Linux devices that support Bluetooth 2.0 & either the HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, or aptX Bluetooth profiles.
  • Silicone neckband collar with spring steel core provides a comfortable, flexible, body-contoured fit. Perfect choice for working out, lounging, and everything in between.
  • 12+ hours of typical usage from a single charge, and over 200 hours in low-power standby. With the built-in 170mAh lithium-ion battery, a single charge from any USB port provides all-day audio bliss.
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR8645 chip with aptX codec technology sets a new standard for wireless stereo audio quality on supported devices (aptX supported on some Android devices; not supported on iOS).
  • Vibrating alert lets you know when calls come in and keep your phone in your pocket.

Personalized Audio
The headset features integrated audio equalization so you can fine-tune your listening experience. The 5 equalization profiles can be easily managed directly from the headset controls, no app or software required.

Audible voice prompts are tied to many headset functions including pairing/connection status and battery level notifications.

The listening experience is further enhanced using aptX codec technology with compatible devices, which delivers CD-like quality audio over a Bluetooth connection.

Comfortable & Durable
Constructed using soft and flexible silicone with a durable spring steel core, the neckband on the Plugable Bluetooth Collar Headset provides a comfortable, body-contoured fit that will keep its shape through the years.

The lightweight 40 gram design situates 99% of the weight around your neck, and provides plenty of power for extended usage while never getting in the way. Earbuds can be quickly and easily affixed to the collar magnetically when not in use.

Includes 3 sets of earphone tips to maximize comfort and minimize ear-fatigue.

Stay in control using built-in buttons for all headset features including:

  • Accept/Reject Calls
  • Play/Pause Music
  • Change EQ Profiles
  • Volume Up/Down
  • Next/Previous Track
  • Power On/Off
  • Activate Voice Assistant

Charge from any USB port once for all-day audio bliss. With the built-in 170mAh lithium-ion battery, you never have to worry about recharging in the middle of a session.

The CSR8645 chip is the latest Stereo ROM solution with aptX codec technology that sets a new standard for wireless stereo audio quality and compatibility.

With features like integrated Bluetooth 4.1, audio equalization, dynamic bass boost, and iOS battery status monitoring, you can be sure that the latest and greatest tech is built-in to your new headset.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Version Bluetooth v4.1
Bluetooth Profiles HSP\, A2DP\, AVRCP\, aptX®
Bluetooth Range Up to 30ft (10M) in clear air
Pairing method Keyless SSP for Bluetooth v2.1 and above\, below version 2.1 requires password “0000”
Battery 200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charge Time Approximately 2 hours to full charge
Size 16x19xl.5cm
Weight 42.8g


Q: How do I turn the BT-HSFLEX on and off?
A: The switch on the inside of the left side is used for power on/off. It will automatically reconnect to most paired devices when turned on.

Q: How do I pair my device with the headset?
A: Turn on the headset using the power switch. Press the Phone Button (MFB) for 3 seconds, until you hear ‘Pairing’ through the earbuds. Pairing mode will last 30 seconds. Go to your Bluetooth settings, search for available devices, and look for “Plugable BT-HSFLEX”. When the name appears, pair the devices.

Q: My device is asking for a code, what do I enter?
A: On older devices below Bluetooth version 2.1, you must enter the passcode “0000”.

Q: How do I use the buttons on the headset?
HSFLEX button diagram

Volume Control: Click the volume button “Volume+” to increase the volume and click the volume button “Volume-” to decrease the volume
Voice Command: Single press the ‘Call’ button (left button)
Battery Status: Audio announcement – press ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ at the same time
EQ setting change: Press the ‘Play/pause’ button for 3 seconds, EQ setting will change to the next setting (see FAQ below)
Music Play: Single press the ‘Play/pause’ button (right button)
Music Pause: While playing music, click the ‘Play/pause’ button once to pause, click again to continue play
Next/Previous Track: While playing music , press the ‘Next’ button (outside right side) to get the next song, press the ‘Previous’ to get the previous song.
Answer a call: Click the ‘Call’ button once to talk
End a call: During the call, click ‘Call’ button
Reject a call: Press and hold the ‘Call’ button for 2 seconds
Call Mute: Press and hold ‘Volume+’ and ‘Volume-‘ at the same time for 1 second. To un-Mute, press and hold the buttons again.
Call waiting: While on a call, press the ‘Call’ button for 1 second to switch to a new incoming call. Press ‘Call’ for 1 second to switch between calls.
Re-dial last number: Press and hold the ‘Call’ button for 2 seconds

Q: How do I find out how much battery my headset has left?
A: In iOS, headset battery status will be displayed on the top status bar. This feature is not available for other operating systems. You can also hear the battery status (full, medium, low) by pressing the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons at the same time.

Q: How long will the battery last on a single charge?
A: Battery life varies depending usage and volume. Typical performance is up to 15 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time.

Q: Can I use the headset with my computer?
A: The headset will work if your computer supports Bluetooth 2.0 or higher and the necessary audio profiles.

Q: How many devices can I pair with the headset?
A: The headset can remember pairs with up to two devices. Any more than this and one of the devices will have to be unpaired.

Q: What does the LED indicate?
Pairing mode: LED alternately flashes red/blue
Standby mode(no connected device): Blue LED flashes twice every 3 seconds
Standby mode(connected device): Blue LED flashes twice every 3 seconds
Low battery: Red LED flashes twice every 3 seconds until fully discharged
Charging: Solid red LED
Charging complete: Solid blue LED

Q: What are the EQ settings and their order? What is the frequency response for each?
A: The EQ settings cycle in the following order when ‘Play/pause’ is pressed for three seconds: Classical,PoP,Dance,Jazz,Rock (then back to Classical, etc).





Q: The device is paired, but I saw an error when the pair initiated. Is something wrong?
A: The headset should still work fine, this is a bug with the Bluetooth UI on Android that appears occasionally.

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