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To submit a private support ticket, just send a mail to  

Please note that to be able to recommend the right troubleshooting steps, let us know what operating system (Windows, OS X, or Linux) your system runs, as well as your Amazon order number — with that, we can quickly look up which Plugable product(s) you have to figure out next steps.

We provide support online and via email so we can have the same experts who develop the products provide support for them. We aim to avoid the typical call center experience. And because the world has gotten complicated (PCs and Macs; many different versions of Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, etc; lots of different ways of using devices in combination) — rather than ask a million questions over the phone, we have tools to quickly gather everything needed to understand common problems quickly. If it’s usage related, we can often link to a video showing exactly what to do.

You’ll receive an immediate automated reply with a ticket #, etc. so you know your email made it to us ok.

We operate on US Pacific Standard time (GMT-8), and aim to offer quick replies during West Coast business hours. On weekends and holidays, we try to reply within 24 hours. For further details and support options, use the Google custom search box above to search for issues on our forum and partner sites. If your issue is related to a recent system or driver update, it may be addressed in a recent forum thread or blog post, so searching may help you find a solution while you’re awaiting response.

Amazon, Email Addresses, and Attachments

If you’ve ordered via Amazon, you may have seen their email system with addresses like

Amazon’s system is intended to track buyer-seller communication. In order to deter any direct communication, they parse out all attempts to share email addresses through their system. If this happens, the email recipient will see an [e-mail address removed] message.

When sending a PayPal payment, large attachments, etc; it’s sometimes necessary to email it directly. In those cases, please send the email directly to Thanks!