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Kickstarter for Plugable Ultimate USB-C Dock Passes 5K in 24 hours

The Plugable Ultimate USB-C Dock has over $5K in backing in 24 hours on Kickstarter.

USB-C will be the biggest story in how we connect things to computers over the coming years. It supports simultaneous charging and device connectivity in ways that previous USB connectors could not.

But a laptop, tablet, or phone with just a single USB-C connector (which will be common) needs a dock to connect everything. This is the situation for Apple’s 2015 MacBook which launched in April.

It’s technically challenging to deliver a dock which implements USB’s new Power Delivery specification, so most of the docks announced so far re-use the laptop’s own power supply. Plugable’s dock does two things which are useful and unique in combination:

1) The Plugable Dock fully implements USB Power Delivery, includes its own power supply, and charges any PD-compliant device like the Macbook. So you can set aside your MacBook or other power supply as a spare.
2) Some USB-C computers and phones will support an external monitor directly via USB-C. Some won’t. Some will allow drivers to be installed, some won’t. Our dock includes 3 graphics outputs: one on USB-C’s built-in VESA Alternate Mode, and two via the well-known DisplayLink technology. So we’ll cover the maximum amount of systems with at least one or two monitors — and on most Mac and Windows systems, up to 3 monitors

An interesting example of the challenge is the coming generation of Android-M phones with USB-C support that Google announced yesterday. The dock will provide several useful functions on any USB-C Android phone, and we’ll describe that in a coming post.

If you have a USB-C system currently (MacBook 2015 or Chromebook Pixel 2015) or are planning to get one of the many USB-C systems coming this summer and fall, we hope you’ll consider backing our Kickstarter and getting your own ultimate USB-C dock.

Quick link to the kickstarter: plugable.com/kickstarter

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