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Plugable USB Data Blocker, Protects Against Juice Jacking

$9.95 USD

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  • Safe Charging—The Plugable USB-MC1 adapter turns any USB data port into a USB data blocker, and charge-only port. This serves to protect your device and its data from hackers and viruses, and can help devices that charge too slowly, or not at all when connected to a USB data port
  • Peace of Mind—Don't risk your device and data by charging unprotected on an unknown USB port. Our USB-MC1 is a juice jacking data blocker, isolating your device so it cannot enter data transfer mode. Protect your data, identity, and device by keeping hackers and unwanted data access while charging (known as "juice jacking") out
  • Faster Charging—Computer USB ports and many other stand alone chargers will only charge devices at 500mA (.5A) with a normal data cable. The USB-MC1 also functions as a fast charger, and allows for charging at 1A or more-twice as fast! Allows supported devices to charge on most powered USB hubs even when the computer is off or not connected computer is off or not connected
  • Compact and Travel-Ready—The USB-MC1 is smaller than a pack of chewing gum and will easily fit in your pocket, or with your other travel accessories. Perfect for peace of mind on the go charging at airports, coffee shops, libraries, and any place with public USB ports
  • 2-Year Coverage, Lifetime Support—Every Plugable product, including this USB Data Blocker, is covered against defects for 2 years and comes with lifetime support. If you ever have questions, contact our North American-based team - even before purchase

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