Plugable’s New Cutting Edge Bluetooth Headset

At Plugable, our goal is to release products that solve a problem or make an experience better. This philosophy has made the Bluetooth headset market a tough one to break into for us because there hasn’t been a lot of room for innovation. Though there are a literal ton of options out there for different Bluetooth headset styles, in essence they all do the same thing: wirelessly stream audio from a source device to your ears.

With our new headset, we’re bringing to market the first collar headset powered by the CSR8645™ Bluetooth audio chip. This chip is the first high-volume solution with built-in audio equalization, dynamic bass boost, audible battery notifications, and aptX technology, enabling a markedly improved listening experience over other headsets. Audio equalization in particular is a first for headsets in this segment, with the touch of a button you can change between 5 different audio profiles to tweak the experience to your preference. This is further enhanced when using aptX technology with compatible devices, which delivers CD-like quality audio over a Bluetooth connection.

Other standard features include a full set of controls for almost all audio tasks, USB charging of the built-in lithium-ion battery, and a nearly indestructible flexible neckband. The control set allows you to interact with your device to manage music and calls, change audio profiles and volume, interact with your voice assistant, and of course power the device off to further conserve the battery when not in use. The internal lithium-ion battery can also be charged directly from any standard USB port or charger, providing maximum convenience after a day of audio indulgence. All of this is supported around the neck by a soft, flexible, yet strong neckband which is constructed of pliable silicone with a spring steel core.

We don’t think you’ll find another headset that’s even close at this price. All of these features combined make a truly remarkable listening experience, and we hope your ears will agree! Have any questions or comments? We’re always happy to help! Just comment below or email

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    • Sam Morgan Reply

      Both of those headsets are nearly identical to ours in features, with the exception being our headset offers the latest CSR chipset which includes audio equalization, dynamic bass boost, and improved battery efficiency. The more expensive of those two options leverages CSRs active noise canceling technology, which ours doesn’t have.

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