UPDATE 9/30/20: Covid19 continues to disrupt global supply chains and logistics, and we’ve encountered multiple delays that unfortunately have affected our intended launch schedule. In addition to continued international shipping delays for all goods, increased online shopping has caused massive delays with units checking in to Amazon and other distribution centers. (Products that used to be available within 5-7 days are now taking 2-4 weeks.) Factoring in these unpredictable delays as best we can, our anticipated launch window for North America is early November. The window for release in Europe is unclear, but we will update this post as we learn new information.

We’re of course disappointed by these delays, but also excited to be in the home stretch. Apologies for any frustrations, and thank you for your patience!

At CES 2020 we announced our flagship Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C Docking Station, the TBT3-UDZ. This dock’s exclusive design allows users to connect up to 2 additional 4K displays using either HDMI or DP without the need of external adapters – the first Thunderbolt 3 docking station to offer this functionality.

The TBT3-UDZ is built upon the latest Intel Titan Ridge chipset, enabling the widest compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C laptops on the market. Its dual connectivity removes frustrations from having to pick a docking station for either type of laptop while delivering unrivaled performance.

After months of supply chain disruptions and finalizing product features we are excited to share some new updates!

Based on customer feedback, we’ve updated our design to include an extra USB-C 10Gbps port on the front of the dock for easy access. USB-C peripherals are more common now than ever before and we want to make sure that TBT3-UDZ allows you to connect all of your devices.

To ensure compliance with IEC power regulations, we’ve updated the dock to provide 96W to the host device. The small change to 96W will not negatively affect any laptop charging behavior and will allow customers to purchase the docking station worldwide. With Apple also releasing laptops with 96W chargers, such as the new 16” MacBook Pro, the TBT3-UDZ is the best docking station to pair with these devices for unrivaled performance.

The TBT3-UDZ has passed Thunderbolt 3 certification and is in its final stages before launch. We are expecting the dock to be available globally in September. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate the effects of the pandemic, while also working to bring you a top of the line Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C dock.

For more information on the TBT3-UDZ and to sign up to be notified when units are available, please visit our product page here.

If you have any questions at all, please comment below or email anytime and we will be happy to help!


  1. Samuel Yi Reply

    Hi I was wondering if you guys were going to have a preorder process for the TBT-UDZ? Additionally, are y’all still planning to release in September? If so, when in September?

    • Gary Zeller Reply

      Thanks for asking, Samuel! We’re still aiming for September, but can’t be more specific than that at this point with many Covid-related logistical details beyond our control. We don’t anticipate being able to accept preorders, but those who sign up to be notified via email about release will get a jump on things.

      • Paul Reply

        September 2020?

        Waiting to buy as it has the dual DisplayPort, but it would be useful to have a realistic expectation when it might be on the market?

  2. James Reply

    Looks great. Is this still on track to be available next month? Will it be available in the UK?

    • Gary Zeller Reply

      Thanks for asking James! We’re still targeting September for launch, and intend to have units available globally at launch. (Though Amazon logistics could impact availability in other regions a bit.)

  3. James Reply

    Really, this is not a downside of just this dock but I feel like the host connector really should be on the front instead of the back. With the very short length of the TB3 cables I find that I have to keep the dock turned around backwards for the cord to be long enough to reach my MBP. I guess I could solve that issue with an active TB3 cable but that seems like overkill.

    • Gary Zeller Reply

      Appreciate the feedback, James! Port placement involves some trade-offs in PCB design (and where the other ports are then located), so always somewhat of a balance of factors.

  4. Shan Reply

    It’s almost October, still planned for September release?
    Been holding out to get this one instead of other thunderbolt dock for awhile now.

  5. Joe Reply

    Now it is October and still no TBT3-UDZ. I mean this was announced at CES in January. COVID19 does not seem like a reasonable explanation for a year long delay. You may as well announce it at CES 2021 with a red face.

    • Gary Zeller Reply

      Sorry to hear of the disappointment Joe. Even in the best of times, custom hardware development and Thunderbolt certifications are a lengthy process (which is why our initial release announcement at CES, pre-pandemic, was 1H 2020). Unfortunately every step of the process has been protracted by covid19, sometimes much more than anticipated.

  6. Regis Reply

    Um…it’s October 2020 now. Was hoping to get this dock to prove to my buddies that a 4k dual-monitor (extending, not mirroring) dock with 100 power delivery actually does exist for my MacBook Pro. Any updates?

  7. Chris Reply

    I have 2 laptops, one with usb-c (non thunderbolt) and one with usb 3.0 ports.
    May I ask if I will be able to connect both of them to this device?

    • Joshua Henry Reply

      Thanks for asking! The USB-C system may work if it supports USB-C VESA DisplayPort Alternate Mode (required for video output) and USB-C Power Delivery charging (charging support is optional). A USB 3.0 system will not be supported. Thanks and best wishes!

  8. Steve Pinches Reply

    HI – just wondered if this will allow me to dock my 2020 Macbook pro to my old iMac which I use as a second monitor in target display mode via an Apple Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adaptor? If so this is absolutely exactly what I’m after!

    • Joshua Henry Reply

      Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, no, this would not work in this way. This dock does not support connecting a Thunderbolt display of any kind.

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