You have two 4K HDMI screens and one USB-C port. It’d be nice to find an easy way to combine them. The Plugable USB-C Dual 4K HDMI MST Display Adapter (USBC-MSTH2) does just that. 

Dual 4K Display the Easy Way

From a single USB-C port, Windows and Chrome computers with USB-C DP 1.4 support—so most modern laptops—can extend their display across two 4K screens at 60Hz. Designed around Multi-Stream Transport (MST), the video adapter uses an MST chip to split the USB-C DisplayPort video signal into two independent streams to drive two extended displays natively from the host laptop. 

Why does it matter that this display adapter uses your host computer’s native functionality? Because it means you don’t need to worry about downloading drivers or software. The USBC-MSTH2 is a fully plug-and-play driverless solution. Also, you can enjoy the full graphics performance of your system’s GPU for higher-performance use cases like video playback.

There’s More to MST Than What You See

Plugable has been making display adapters for a while. They’re a great, low-cost way to extend your screen. We’ve made them in a variety of configurations to meet a variety of needs. But in all that time we’ve never made one with MST technology. They’re a staple in many of our docking stations, but why not display adapters? 

Traditionally, MST-based display adapters aren’t always the most trustworthy peripheral. Several similar adapters currently on the market are prone to limited compatibility and outdated firmware, causing drops in resolution, flickering video, and generally flakey behavior. The USBC-MSTH2, on the other hand, signals the maturity of the technology in this form, and the first MST-based display adapter to perform at the standards required to wear the Plugable badge. 

Take It To Go

Small and sturdy, the USBC-MSTH2 has an integrated 6.75-inch (17 cm) cable so it’s ready to go in your bag. The unit is BUS powered (it gets its power from your computer), so you’re not looking around for an empty outlet. And with HDCP support—something a lot of video adapters don’t have—you can play copy-protected media through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. It’s even powerful enough to deliver dual 4K 60Hz video while gaming. 


The USB-C Dual 4K HDMI MST Display Adapter will work at peak performance on any Windows or Chromebook computer that supports DP 1.4 and has a USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 / 4, or USB4 port. If your computer only supports DP 1.2, you can enjoy all the same benefits, but at a resolution of 1080p 60Hz across both displays. 

Mac doesn’t support MST, so while you can use the USBC-MSTH2 with an Apple computer, you only achieve a single extended display, or two mirrored displays. 

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