Certified Compatibility

Works With Chromebook-certified docking stations are designed with the Chrome OS ecosystem in mind. This means they seamlessly integrate with Chromebooks, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for students and educators. Google rigorously tests these devices for compatibility, ensuring they meet specific standards and work flawlessly with the Chromebook operating system. 

Plugable takes this a step further. Consider the Plugable UD-MSTHDC, it has become a favorite choice for K-12 institutions and is quickly gaining popularity in higher education settings, too. The dual display dock with charging was designed specifically to accommodate plug-and-play connectivity in schools. That includes two HDMI and two DisplayPort connections, so your dual display setup can accommodate a variety of monitors, projectors, and screens.

Automatic Updates for Enhanced Security

One of the standout features of pairing Chromebooks with Plugable docks is automatic updates. Chrome OS updates from Google are frequent and seamless, providing laptops with the latest security patches and improvements. When you combine a Chromebook with a Works With Chromebook Certified docking station, additional updates from Google get securely applied to the dock, too. It’s an extra step that educational institutions can take to reduce the risk of potential breaches.

Verified Security Features

Works With Chromebook certification requires manufacturers to adhere to strict security guidelines set by Google. So you get safety features like encrypted, secure firmware. These features bolster data protection and prevent unauthorized access.

Expandability and Future-Proofing

As educational technology evolves, the needs of classrooms may change. Works With Chromebook-certified docking stations offer expandability options, ensuring that schools are prepared for future technological advancements. Whether it's support for higher display resolutions or new connectivity standards, these docking stations provide a level of future-proofing that's essential for staying ahead in the educational landscape.

Reduced Support and Maintenance Costs

Plugable docking stations are known for their reliability and reduced likelihood of compatibility-related issues thanks to our rigorous interoperability and compatibility testing. By opting for Works With Chromebook-certified docking stations, especially in schools using Chromebooks, deployment setup times are greatly reduced. Educational institutions can add an additional layer of protection to reduce the need for support and maintenance. 

To further ensure a stress-free rollout, Plugable docking stations come with lifetime support that starts before you even make a purchase. We’re an American brand, and our support team is based out of our HQ in Redmond, Washington. If you have questions, contact us directly for quick answers. 

Now your IT staff can focus their efforts on other critical tasks.

How to Connect With a Docking Station

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