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A trusty old laptop or a shiny new system fresh out of the box; Plugable probably has a docking station that fits your exact need. Of course, that also means we have a lot of docking stations to choose from, so how do you find the right one?

Plugable’s new Docking Station Finder is easy. It asks you a couple of quick questions to learn what you need in a docking station and shows you a list of compatible options. Simple as that.

How it Works

Using the Plugable Dock Finder Step 1

The first question is an easy one, what kind of port are you connecting to? Take a look at your computer and make sure you know which ports you have access to. What are the benefits of USB-C over USB 3.0? And what’s the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, anyway? Tap the question marks for a look at what you can expect from each port.

Step 2 on the Plugable Docking Station Finder


In Step 2, you get to tell us what you want in a dock. Look at your monitor and determine how you’re going to connect back to your computer. Monitors will often have multiple connection options, hit the question mark for info on what to expect from each. Depending on your selection in step 1, you’ll also have the option to choose your desired number of displays and if you’d like the dock to charge your laptop.

And You're On Your Way

Step 3 on the Plugable Docking Station Finder

Get a list of all of the Plugable docks that match your requirements, or fine-tune your search further. From there, it’s as simple as picking the perfect dock for your desk. Ready to find your perfect docking station? Try the Plugable Dock Finder Tool.

The Plugable Dock Finder Tool is still new and growing, so if it's missing a feature you'd like, please let us know! Just email us at or comment below.

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