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For the latest information on business sales at Plugable, please visit

Plugable Direct-To-Business

Plugable’s products are available for direct sale!
We’re shipping by the case from our warehouse in Redmond, Washington to just about anywhere in the world.
For pricing, orders, and more information, please email

How It Works

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  • All direct-to-business orders must be prepaid.
  • We invoice electronically through Intuit Payments, offering both credit card and e-check options. We also accept direct bank transfers.
  • A single flat rate standard shipping and processing fee of $20 applies to any USA address.
  • For international orders we configure shipping costs through DHL to your destination unless specified otherwise. All customs, duties, and taxes are not included.

More Information

  • To be eligible for our exclusive Partner Program we’re looking for a consistent pattern of volume case sized buying behavior.
  • We are establishing exclusivity for partners in specific regions on a case by case basis.
  • Please contact our sales team at for more information on how to begin. We use a ticket system to track your request and respond quickly and reliably.

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