DisplayLink and some other USB and wireless displays no longer work on macOS 10.13.4 Learn More.

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Alternative Video Output Solutions for macOS 10.13.4 systems with UD-ULTCDL and UD-ULTC4K Docks

Recently we wrote about how the latest update to macOS 10.13.4 causes several different types of video devices, including those based on the DisplayLink technology we use in many of our products, to stop working. This loss of functionality is a frustrating development for those of us who have become accustomed to multi-monitor goodness as […]

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macOS 10.13 High Sierra Significantly Improves DisplayLink Performance & Stability

Installing macOS 10.13.4 will permanently disable DisplayLink based video outputs. More info here: macOS 10.13.4 Disables DisplayLink, Duet Display, and Other Devices Here at Plugable, one of the most important aspects of our jobs is testing and documenting compatibility of our products with various individual laptop and desktop models and Operating Systems. This testing and […]

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Plugable’s Award Winning USB-C Triple Display Docking Station is Now Available in Europe

The wait for our European customers is finally over! The Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station – first revealed as a Kickstarter last year and winner of a Laptop Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award – is now available for purchase through Amazon’s European distribution network. For compatible USB-C laptops supporting USB-C’s new optional Power Delivery and […]

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Hardware Update for Plugable UD-ULTCDL (Triple Display Docks) purchased before July 18, 2016

We have some important updates, and are offering purchasers of our first few hundred units — many from the original Kickstarter campaign — a free update. Plugable UD-ULTCDL Triple Display Docking Stations purchased between May 31, 2016 and July 18, 2016 are eligible for an updated replacement docking station, at no cost, under warranty. All […]

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Plugable suggests DisplayLink users wait on macOS Sierra Upgrade [Updated]

Update 3/30/18: The post below relates primarily to macOS Sierra (10.12). Performance and stability on macOS High Sierra (10.13.3 and earlier only) with DisplayLink Mac driver version 4.1 is much improved. For additional details please see the following post: macOS 10.13 High Sierra Significantly Improves DisplayLink Performance & Stability Please note: High Sierra (10.13) is […]

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Plugable’s Editors’ Choice Winning USB-C Triple Display Docking Station is Shipping

Mac users please note: This docking station is only compatible with macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 and earlier versions (10.11.x – 10.13.3). The upcoming update to macOS 10.13.4 will permanently disable the “2K” HDMI and DVI outputs. If you have a USB-C Macbook or other compatible USB-C laptop or tablet, the Plugable Ultimate Dock — first […]

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