Work From Home Survey

A Proper At-Home Workspace Setup Promotes Increased Productivity

Plugable recently surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults—from January 21-22, 2021—shedding light on the state of remote work life and associated productivity 10 months into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Working Promotes Increased Flexibility... and Bad Habits

Top 4 Pros of Working From Home

Lack of daily commute 63%
Ability to wear whatever you choose 58%
Flexibility to leave for appointments, errands, etc. 48%
Ability to cook or do laundry during the day 45%

Top 4 Bad Habits of Working From Home

I use my phone to go on social media or browse the internet during the work day 37%
I shop online during the work day 34%
I binge watch shows on Netflix during the work day 33%
I leave home for non-essential trips (shopping nail/hair appointments) during the work day 26%

A Lack of Productive Workspace, Coupled with IT Issues, Straining Remote Employees


of remote Americans typically spend their time working somewhere other than a home office

Lack of a productive space for work 34%
Technical issues that arise (i.e. Internet cuts out) 33%

A Proper Workspace is Key to Productivity





feel that the most productive work setup would be at a desk with a laptop dock and an extra monitor

Working Alongside a Spouse or Partner May Be Annoying at Times, but Also May Strengthen Relationships in the Long Run


Among remote workers surveyed, nearly half currently work alongside a spouse or partner

1 in 5

employees who work remote with their significant other are having sex during the work day

Agreement With the Following As it Relates to Remote Work Alongside a Spouse or Partner

I get distracted by my partner 74%
I feel less productive 64%
I find focusing more difficult 64%
Our relationship has improved 77%
Our sex life has improved 70%
We communicate more often 81%

Remote Work is Likely Here to Stay

Preferred Working From Home

Nearly Half of Americans

working remotely would prefer to work at home long-term

Reality Check


Predict a Spring or Summer 2021 return to the office

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*This survey was fielded from January 21-22, 2020 and included 2,000 U.S. adults who are currently working remote. Consumer sample provided by mobile panel provider, Pollfish.

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