Plugable Performance Mouse Pad

$8.37 USD

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  • Precise and Smooth—This mouse pad's hybrid-weave polyester surface balances fast mouse movement and ability to precisely stop your movement where you intend. The pattern of this surface keeps your mouse gliding with equal force in any direction
  • Stays Put—Slide your mouse smoothly into position and stop exactly where you intend without any movement to the mouse pad. The material on the back of the mouse pad will keep your pad in place even with a simple flick of the wrist
  • Durable—The entire pad is water resistant and machine washable. Just toss the pad in with a cold wash and hang it up to dry. The stitching along the sides will help keep your pad looking great without small frays in the surface material at the edges
  • Dimensions—Large 400mm x 320mm surface area
  • 2 Year Warranty—We love our Plugable products, and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as Seattle-based email support