Plugable USB2-E1000 Drivers


If you wish to pre-install drivers before your adapter arrives, just download and run the utility from the link below:

Download Windows 10/8/8.1, 7, Vista, and XP drivers

After downloading, simply double-click on the .exe file to begin installation. You will receive a confirmation that the process has begun, and another upon successful completion- this should take less than a minute on most systems.

Note: ARM-based Windows 8/8.1 tablets such as the Microsoft Surface RT do not have drivers for the ASIX 88178 built in. ASIX does not provide a Surface RT compatible driver for installation.

Windows PC’s with internet access should automatically download and install drivers from Windows Update.

A driver CD-ROM is also provided in the packaging with the product.


To install the ASIX 88178 driver on OS 10.6 through 10.15, download the driver from the link below.
USB2-E1000 Mac 10.6 – 10.15.x Drivers v2.3.0

  • Mac OS X Universal Binary Driver (DMG file format)
  • For Mac OS X/macOS 10.6 – 10.15.x
  • Note: macOS 10.13 and later requires users to manually approve 3rd party extensions (drivers). Step-by-step instructions for doing so can be found in our blog post here

In macOS 10.12 (Sierra) through 10.15 (Catalina), the drivers may be prevented from loading properly due to Gatekeeper (a security function of macOS) not allowing it through. If you experience issues after installing the drivers for the adapter, this may be what’s going on. We wrote a blog post explaining this issue in more detail as well as the steps to resolve the issue, found here:


Linux distributions running kernel 3.2 and higher have the driver built-in to kernel. Older kernel versions require download and compile. Users familiar with the “make” and “sudo make install” commands should be able to complete this easily.

Other OS Platforms

See the ASIX AX88178 driver download page for complete list of drivers and supported platforms for the AX88178 chip in the Plugable USB2-E1000, including minimal .inf packages for suitable for Windows deployment.