Plugable USB 2.0 7-Port Hub with 60W Power Adapter


  • Standard USB 2.0 7 Port Hub with 60W Power Adapter and support for the BC 1.2 charging standard
  • Full compatibility with all USB 2.0/1.1 devices at highest native speeds (480/12/1.5 Mbps)
  • No driver required on any platform: Works with all USB hosts and standard USB 2.0 hubs
  • Fast Charging only with BC 1.2 compatible devices like Apple iPads and iPhones with lightning connector
  • Because only some devices support BC 1.2, check compatibility list below before purchase


USB has become more than a way of connecting devices to a computer with plug and play ease and high performance, it has also become the method of choice to power and charge a range of battery-powered devices from headsets and controllers to phones and tablets. Some of those mobile devices have adopted proprietary mechanisms to draw more power than USB 2.0 was designed to allow, which has caused confusion about charging.

That is being solved by the Battery Charging (BC 1.2) Standard – when both the device and the hub/charger are BC Standard compliant, it can charge at a faster rate (up to 1.5A) in a standard way.

The Plugable USB2-HUB7BC is among the first of USB 2.0 hubs that does everything existing USB hubs do, plus has support for the Battery Charging Standard (BC 1.2). So it’s a no-compromise solution for both gaining extra USB ports and for charging the newer generation of BC Standard compliant devices. Both Sync and Charge (CDP) and Dedicated Charge (DCP) are supported, if the phone or tablet also supports these modes.

Hub Controller
Latest high performance and high efficiency Terminus Technology FE1.1s USB hub chipset. Low power consumption is achieved with 0.18μm technology and selectively de-energizing unused ports and parts of the circuitry not currently in use.

USB Charging

Battery charging over USB has become a standard practice but the actual charging behavior of different devices is often unpredictable and sometimes disappointing. The devices themselves decide how much current to draw and manufacturers haven’t settled on a single standard. We constantly test our products with as many different devices as possible and publish the results so it’s easy to determine the charging behavior to expect from your device on each of our USB products. These are the results for the devices we’ve tested on this charger so far.

For hubs, "Hosted" means the hub is attached to a host computer that is powered on. "Unhosted" means just the opposite, that the hub isn't attached to a host computer, or that the host computer is turned off. This doesn't apply to stand-alone chargers that only plug in to a wall outlet.

The "Estimated Charging Time" column is the minimum amount of time that the device would take to charge if it was fully drained. This is just an estimate! We provided this to give a general idea of the expected charge time. If this column is blank for a device, that means that the device indicated that it wasn't charging. In this case, even if the device is drawing power, it will likely either "tread water" keeping the battery at a constant level, or slowly lose ground.


Q: Can the hub charge iPods/iPads and other smartphones?
A: Only Lightning-connected iDevices support BC 1.2 and can charge on the hub. Apple 30-pin devices that require special signaling such as the original iPad go into data only mode when attached to this hub.

Q: Is the AC power adapter required?
A: Yes. The hub is not capable of running in bus power mode (from the host PC).

If you are having trouble where devices quit working when you connect additional devices, make sure the AC power supply is connected and working by:

  1. Unplugging the USB cable from the hub to the PC
  2. Disconnecting all USB devices from the hub
  3. Confirm the AC power supply is connected securely to the wall and hub
  4. Verify the blue power LED on the top of the hub is lit when only the AC power supply is connected to the hub.

Q: Can the hub support 7 devices which charge at the full BC 1.2 CDP 1.5A rate?
A: Yes, the supplied power adapter delivers 12A of available current across all USB ports which leaves us 1.5A left over (7 * 1.5A = 10.5A). Non BC 1.2 devices max out at only 500mA per the USB 2.0 specification leaving ample power for every port to be used at the same time.

Q: Does the power supply switch for different regions or is it tied to US voltage and frequency?
A: The switching power adapter with our 7 port hub supports inputs of 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz 1.5A. Output is 12V 5A and comes with a US standard plug. You will not need a power converter as long as the input is within the given ranges. You may need a plug adapter for different regions which is not included.

Q: What does the blue light mean?
A: The blue light indicates the hub is receiving power. The USB hub also has a separate power button which is located on the back side next to the power adapter plug. To test the AC power supply, connect the hub to only the AC adapter and nothing else. The blue light should be on, if it’s not there’s something wrong — contact us at for assistance.

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