Plugable USB-C Voltage and Amperage Meter


  • Allows quick and easy monitoring of USB-C charging. Measures voltage and amperage as well as what direction electrical current is flowing through it.
  • Features bright and easy to read OLED screen
  • Meter is bidirectional and can be connected in any direction.
  • Supports the full range of USB-C Power Delivery voltage from 5 to 20V (4-20V, 50mA-10A operating range)
  • The meter passes through all USB data (1.1 through 3.1 Gen 2), USB-C Alternate Mode video, and USB-C charging without interfering with normal USB-C operation.
  • Can be used inline with USB-C docking stations, chargers, USB-C accessories, etc
  • The compact aluminum* design makes this the perfect companion for diagnosing and monitoring USB-C devices on the go with no extra equipment required

*Note: If purchased after Q1 2018 we have an updated version of our USBC-VAMETER:

This new design now features a molded plastic shell which enabled us to make the meter thinner and fit most phones while inside of a case. We also added the ability for the meter to calculate approximate mAh charged during the charging session with the meter connected. Aside from these minor changes the VAMETER functionality is identical.

*Units purchased prior to Q1 2018 look like this:

Product Description

The Plugable USBC-VAMETER is a portable USB-C multi-meter that was designed to measure voltage and amperage (charge rate) for USB-C devices.

Plugable is already well known for our advanced USBC-TKEY USB-C Power Delivery Analyzer based on Google’s open source “Twinkie” design, but for many users it provides far more functionality than required and is more complex to setup (requiring a Linux computer). For most users a simple stand-alone, plug and play, on-the-go solution is required and the USBC-VAMETER is the perfect solution with its ability to display USB-C voltage, amperage, and current flow direction in real time.

Common use scenarios would include the following:

  • Connecting between a USB-C host system like a laptop, tablet, or cell phone and a charger to monitor charge information.
  • Connecting between a USB-C host and docking station to monitor charge information.
  • Connecting between a USB-C host system and a USB-C bus powered accessory like an external hard drive, flash drive, etc to measure power draw of a device.
  • Testing for USB-C port spec compliance such as a VBUS hot condition, voltage drop under load, etc.


We designed this meter to act as a transparent interposer which means it should not interfere with the USB data (1.1 through 3.1 Gen 2), USB-C Alternate Mode video, or USB-C charging. Can be used inline with USB-C docking stations, chargers, USB-C accessories. The meter is able to achieve this without interfering with normal USB-C operation as it only taps into the power (VBUS) and ground connections to measure their values and leaves all of the data lines untouched.


Q: What does the arrow flashing on the screen stand for? What about a straight line?
A: The arrow will change direction pointing in which direction the current is flowing. If you see a straight line it means there is not enough current flowing in either direction to meter.

Q: How accurate are the voltage and amperage measurements from this meter?
A: In our testing we’ve found that compared to a professional multimeter, our USBC-VAMETER is within +/- 3% of the true value (measured at 20V). This meter is not meant to replace professional USB-C testing equipment, it is designed for quick and easy measurements for users at any skill level.

Q: How to I calculate the wattage from the provided voltage and amperage information?
A: Users can calculate how much power a device using this simple formula: The power P in watts (W) is equal to the voltage V in volts (V) times the current I in amps (A), P = V × I.

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