USBC-HUB7BC Connected to Several Devices

When the list of Best USB Hubs for 2021 comes out, expect the Plugable USB 3.0 and USB-C 7-Port Hub (USBC-HUB7BC) to be in the top spot. When you stop to consider the features, it’s not hard to see why.

Seven Ports of Power

A USB Hub with seven ports isn’t all that unusual. But a USB hub with seven ports that all charge at the maximum rate provided by the USB spec–at the same time? Well, that’s a little rarer. The USBC-HUB7BC comes bundled with a UL Certified power adapter capable of a massive 60 watts at 12V 5A to ensure every device down the line gets as much power as it needs. And thanks to smart charging circuits, each device powers at its own max rate. No need to worry about overcharging.

One more thing on charging, this USB 3.0 and USB-C 7-Port Hub can be used with a computer–USB-A and USB-C connections included–or without. So if you don’t need data, this handy hub can act as a stand-alone seven-slot charger.

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Fast? Try SuperSpeed

You have a tablet, external hard drive, mouse, keyboard, phone, jump drive, and a camera. How are you going to arrange everything to get the best data transfer speeds? However, you’d like.

With the USBC-HUB7BC, you get transfer speeds up to 5Gbps across the ports. It doesn’t matter if you’ve plugged in one device or seven, every port will operate at a balanced load.

Standalone or Stacked
As a standalone unit, the USBC-HUB7BC stands out for its SuperSpeed data and high-speed charging. But what if you needed to charge 14, 21, even 210 devices? This multi-port powered USB Hub is designed to be stacked.

As your need for power or ports grows, the USBC-HUB7BC can grow right along with it. All seven ports are lined up along the front with plenty of space between, so even when stacked, you won’t fumble with the connections.


For Best Results, Use Anywhere

Consider the USBC-HUB7BC your own personal power station. With full data and charging capabilities on all seven ports, there’s no juggling the needs of your devices. By comparison, most USB hubs split the duty of data and charging between ports, so you’re only getting two or three charging slots.

The USBC-HUB7BC centralizes your charging efforts. At home, set it up as a community charging spot for phones and tablets. At school, combine two or three to easily charge and sync student devices. And in large-scale operations, deploy as many hubs as you need to test and charge at volume.

Whatever your scenario, data transfer, charging, or both. The Plugable USB 3.0 and USB-C 7-Port Hub (USBC-HUB7BC) stacks up to the challenge.

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