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The ability to remotely control another computer can be a very useful tool for various computing situations, especially for business. Accessing files, performing tasks, and running maintenance may be easier with a remote connection to another computer, or in some cases, the only way. Using a remote connection can be helpful in accessing a complex system, and resolving technical issues on behalf of others who may not be able to navigate their own systems.

One of the most popular methods is Windows Remote Desktop, which uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). RDP offers secure access to Windows operating systems through encrypted tunnels. However, RDP protocols are vulnerable to various types of attacks, including brute force attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other password guessing attacks. As a result, attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in RDP protocols to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data and complete other bad actions. Additionally, RDP is only available in the "Pro" Versions of Windows, which excludes many users.

A local, direct port-to-port connection between devices offers the highest security in any situation, whether professional, educational, home use or more. With a direct wired connection, users have complete control over the data being transmitted, ensuring that only authorized individuals access sensitive information and can achieve a higher speed of data transfer! But what about remote access?

That's where our TBT-TRAN Thunderbolt Transfer Cables and the included Easy Computer Sync software come in handy! There are a multitude of remote access options available, but most are centered around traditional networking options via Ethernet/Wi-Fi. These methods provide a different level of security than a single Thunderbolt cable connected between both systems and will typically operate at lower speeds.

Not only can you transfer files really fast with the TBT-TRAN and Thunderbolt technology at speeds up to 10x faster than gigabit Ethernet, but you also get a remote desktop solution included with your order. With the Easy Computer Sync’s included Control Other Computer mode, we can establish a remote client-to-host connection between computers without needing Pro Versions of Windows, or using Remote Desktop Protocol. To get started using the Control Other Computer mode, just follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Easy Computer Sync onto both computers
  2. Connect the TBT-TRAN cable between computers
  3. Start the software on each computer, and make the connection
  4. Pick the Control Other Computer mode and begin!
An image of the menu select for Easy Computer Sync software. The Control Other Computer Mode is selected.

The TBT-TRAN is compatible with Windows 11 and 10 systems with at least one Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, or USB4 port on each system to make a fast and dedicated connection. Add the TBT-TRAN to your toolkit today, and experience the speed and security you deserve to maintain your computers with a direct connection for remote access and blazing fast syncing and transfers!

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