HUB3ME Top Banner desk setup

These days, when a typical smartphone or tablet packs more computing power than a five-year-old desktop, lugging around a laptop to work on the road just seems wrong. But stabbing at an on-screen keyboard and navigating text or spreadsheets without a mouse is frustrating and agonizingly slow.

What if you could bring along a compact, lightweight keyboard and mouse set that connects easily and lets you work just like on a desktop computer?

HUB3ME Top Banner desk setup

Plugable’s new Bluetooth travel mouse, combined with one of Plugable’s ultra-portable folding Bluetooth keyboards, is the answer to that question. They provide a great way to transform most any portable Android or Windows device (not iPhone or iPad) into a serious computing platform for accomplishing real-life tasks.

With Plugable’s compact Bluetooth keyboard, the set weighs less than a pound (13.5 ounces or 395 grams) and takes less space than a paperback book. Plugable’s full-size Bluetooth keyboard adds only five more ounces and gives you a full-size keyboard that still folds small and fits in a bag or coat pocket. Both keyboards feature a case that folds into a convenient stand that holds your device upright where it’s easy to see.

Both keyboard and mouse connect via the Bluetooth module built into your device, so there’s no need to worry about losing the dongle used by non-Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse sets.

Whether you are a road warrior or writer, service a fleet of kiosks or just get frustrated with touch screens, when you need a mouse and keyboard nothing else will quite do. In an airport or hotel room, at a coffee shop or customer’s site, a Plugable Bluetooth folding keyboard and mouse gives you laptop capability without laptop bulk or weight. You were going to bring your phone anyway, right?

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