The Plugable 32W USB-C & USB-A Charger with AC Power Outlet (PS1-CA1) might look like a simple little plug from the outside, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with big features on the inside.

At a Glance

The PS1-CA1 is just about the easiest option for charging your essential devices quickly. Featuring a standard power outlet, a USB-C port with up to 30W charging, and a standard USB port with up to 12W charging, you’ll always have a charging port—no matter what cord you’re using.

Feature Focus

Especially useful in areas with limited access to power outlets—like at the airport, or under your desk—this handy charger is roughly the same size as the socket it plugs into. And since it replaces the outlet it uses, you aren’t losing a spot to plug in.  

The adapter delivers a total of 32W of charging power to the USB ports. If using the USB-C port alone, get up to 30W—excellent for fast charging your phone or tablet. If you’re using both USB ports, the charger delivers 20W to the USB-C port, and 12W to the USB-A port. And with intelligent charging features, the PS1-CA1 USB and USB-C wall charger negotiates with your device to deliver optimal charging levels—no more overcharging.

Alone or in Pairs

It’s no coincidence this charger is shaped the way it is. It is designed to only use one outlet when plugged into the wall. That means you still have room to plug in something else, like another Plugable 32W USB-C & USB-A Charger with AC Power Outlet. 

The other reason for its compact footprint—it makes a great travel companion. Throw it in your travel bag and leave a couple of your other chargers at home. 

Take a closer look, this just might be the wall charger you’ve been looking for.

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