USB chargers, you can pick one up anywhere and they’ll charge your phone or tablet. But what do you really know about that charger? And how safe is it for your Phone’s battery?

Certified Safe Charging

Plugable, best known for hubs and docking stations, is setting its sights on charging. Truth is, we’ve been perfecting charging for years on our other devices. Now we’re taking that expertise and shrinking it. 

The resulting travel charger and extension cable are pretty unique. The charger is built on GaN technology to make it smaller and lighter. It also has safeguards in place to prevent things like overcharging and overheating. The cable has a built-in current and voltage meter with an LCD display to let you keep an eye on the charging rate and direction of power flow between devices. And, of course, all three have been tested and certified to work safely and efficiently with your USB-C device. 

Pocket-Sized Power Supply

Carry it in your pocket or put it in your pack for easy charging at home, at the office, or anywhere in between. Delivering an impressive for the size 30W, the Plugable USB-C GaN Charger (PS-30C1) isn’t just a cell phone charger. It’s also perfectly capable of charging your tablet at the fastest possible rate and, in a pinch, it can even charge compatible Apple Silicon-based MacBooks, Chromebooks, and Windows Ultrabooks. But, depending on the laptop model, it might take a little longer than usual. 

GaN you believe how fast this charges? Built on GaN technology, this USB-C fast charger will communicate with your device to deliver the perfect portion of power. 

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Easy to Use, Easy to Read Charging Cable

The Plugable USB 10Gbps Type-C Extension Cable with Built-In 240W Power Meter features plug and receptacle connection (USBC-METER3-1MF) has a lot going for it. For starters, it’ll extend your current USB-C cable by 3.3’ (1m) to give you (and your laptop) a little extra room to move around (Note: Extending a USB 10Gbps or 5Gbps cable may exceed the USB cable length specifications, potentially reducing the data rate or reliability).

When extending an equally capable USB Type C cable, like the Plugable TBT4-240W-1M, get 240W Extended Power Range support or support for video Alt mode at up to 4K 60Hz.  It also supports impressive 10Gbps data transfer speeds, a durable braided cord, and aluminum housing the electronics.

Of course, the most unique feature of the Plugable USBC-METER3-1MF is the built-in USB power meter. Now you can monitor your power draw and consumption. Check to see if all of your laptop’s USB-C ports deliver the same charge. And you’ll finally find out if that “Super Best Fast Speed Charger” you ordered (I mean, it was so cheap, how could you resist) actually delivers the charge it claims on the package.

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