Generally, when someone describes a docking station as “budget-friendly” or “entry-level”, what they’re really saying is “old technology” or “it’s your problem now.” So when you hear the new Plugable USB-C Dual HDMI Docking Station with 65W Power Delivery (UD-MSTH2) was specifically designed to be “budget-friendly,” you might not know what that means. 

Indeed, you probably aren’t expecting the luxury of having 4K screens dedicated to specific tasks. Or the convenience of using one plug to connect to powerful charging and all of your peripherals. But once you get past the surprising affordability, you see that the Plugable UD-MSTH2 is a dock for doers (that just happens to be surprisingly affordable).

A Screen for This, a Screen for That

Imagine the power of having two ultra-HD screens at your disposal. Our docking station's dual 4K HDMI ports are engineered to redefine your multitasking experience. One screen could be dedicated to your comprehensive spreadsheets, while the other effortlessly manages your emails or video calls. Meanwhile, keep your chats, streams, or any other app running smoothly on your laptop. 

A multi-monitor setup can substantially increase productivity, and with this docking station, achieving that enhanced workflow is only a plug away.

Is This Dock Right for Me

The UD-MSTH2 is a handsome dock, and the allure of those expansive features and capabilities is undeniable. Sure, dual 4K, 65W charging, 2x USB-C ports (5Gbps) for your modern devices, 2x USB (5Gbps), and 1x USB 2.0 (480Mbps) for your legacy devices sounds nice. And, of course, between flaky Wi-Fi and wireless earbuds that never seem to be charged, the ethernet and an audio jack are nice backups. But will this dock fit your needs?  

Built on MST (Multi-Stream Transport), the UD-MSTH2 provides a direct connection to your system’s GPU, so it can use the native performance without being slowed by software. Including HDCP support, so steaming from your favorite service like Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime is no problem. The Plugable UD-MSTH2 is designed to be your daily driver. It stands as an ideal ally for office workers, students, and anyone heavily dependent on their computer for routine tasks. And if you need a break, it’s nice to have a screen to give to your favorite stream. 

On the other hand, for avid gamers, content creators, and those frequently dealing with vast amounts of data, our Thunderbolt docks may be a more suitable choice. These offer superior performance and accelerated data transfer rates, ensuring you never skip a beat in your tech-intensive tasks. If you’re still not sure, ask an IT professional if the Plugable UD-MSTH2 is right for you. 


We understand the value of universal compatibility. Our dual monitor docking station is thoughtfully designed to play well with a range of operating systems. If you're a Windows enthusiast, the UD-MSTH2 is fully compatible with Windows 10 and newer. ChromeOS users also have a driverless connection to extend their screens and add ports and power. 

Mac does not support MST, the technology that drives this dock, so only one display will be extended. And, as always, the ultimate performance of the dock rests on the capabilities of the host device.

Embrace the future of connectivity and productivity with our new docking station – because it's not just about getting things done, but about getting them done efficiently.

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