A pioneer in the hub space, Plugable’s USBC-4IN1 is the first hub on the market to leverage the PS188 chip. The innovative chip enables the hub’s compact size, and its unique ability to provide a dual-function USB-C port capable of both 100W power pass-through charging and high-speed 10Gbps data transfer. The USBC-4IN1 is the only hub in its class currently available that can do both on a single USB-C port. 

The hub fits in the palm of your hand and provides the essentials for port expansion: 

  • HDMI 2.0: Drive a 4K 60Hz HDR display for crisp and clear visuals
  • USB-A 10Gbps: Connect USB devices for high-speed data transfer
  • USB 2.0: Add a mouse, keyboard, or other legacy device 
  • USB-C 10Gbps with Power Delivery: Unique dual-function design enables up to 100W power pass-through charging and fast data transfer speeds
  • Durable Aluminum case stands up to the wear of commuting

Plug & Play

The hub is designed to work with all modern laptops with a full-featured USB-C, Thunderbolt, or USB4 port. It is compatible with machines running macOS 11+, Windows 10+ or ChromeOS, making it a great solution for anyone looking to increase productivity at home or on the go. 

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