Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Plugable Docking stations and USB Video adapters

Summary: Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes native support for DisplayLink technology and will automatically install the proper DisplayLink drivers for most users. If this process does not proceed as expected, drivers can be manually installed.

Update 8/18/2016 – On a system with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and a DisplayLink device, the ‘Duplicate’ or clone mode may not be available within the Display Settings application. This is caused by the use of a driver for the system’s internal graphics adapter that is not Windows 10 native and does not support the WDDM 2.0 standard, or more specifically Desktop Window Manager (DWM) clone mode. More information is available from DisplayLink here

Update 8/10/2016 – The limitation referenced in our 8/4 update has been removed with the latest 8.0 M1 release of the DisplayLink driver, and the download links have been updated.

Update 8/5/2016 – DisplayLink has posted a knowledge base article with more information about the changes the Windows Anniversary Update brings ->

Update 8/4/2016 – There is a limitation with the current 8.0 M0 release of the DisplayLink driver that in some instances can prevent more than four DisplayLink attached monitors from working as expected. This limitation is expected to be addressed in the next release of the DisplayLink driver, which is currently expected to be released mid-August. Please email us at with any additional questions.

On July 29th, 2015 Microsoft released Windows 10 as a free upgrade for home users of Windows 7 and 8.1. With any operating system update there are changes in behavior and new things to learn. With regard to our USB docking stations and USB graphics adapters we documented those findings in one of our blog posts here ->

While many of the issues documented in our old post have been resolved, time has passed and Windows 10 turned one year old on July 29th 2016. To celebrate the occasion Microsoft will be releasing a large update known as the ‘Anniversary Update’ to the operating system on August 2nd.

Microsoft provides more details here -> but in general the update continues Microsoft’s approach to providing continual Windows 10 updates as a service rather than separate product updates as they did with previous versions of Windows.

What’s New

The Anniversary Update will add features and bug fixes, but the most exciting aspect from Plugable’s perspective is the inclusion of native support for DisplayLink technology. Why the excitement? Native Windows support for DisplayLink offers a multitude of benefits for users including simplified device installation, improved performance, and reduced system resource usage.

With the latest release, Microsoft has integrated native support for DisplayLink USB video devices into the operating system so our USB video adapters and docking stations are considered standard Display Adapters within Device Manager (previously they were in a unique class, “USB Video Adapter”). Beyond the benefits mentioned above, it certainly helps to have the substantial software engineering resources of Microsoft providing support for the code making everything work behind the scenes enabling USB graphics devices to function more like traditional graphics adapters and in some cases work in some specific scenarios where they would not have previously.

Driver Installation Details

When installing a Plugable USB graphics adapter or docking station for the first time on a system with the Anniversary Update already installed, Windows Update should automatically download and install the appropriate DisplayLink driver, version 8.0.

If for some reason that does not happen (for example no internet access being available) our best practice for installing and using our adapters and docking stations is as follows:

1. Before connecting the product, download and install the DisplayLink driver from here -> DisplayLink Windows Driver Version 8.1 M0
2. Once the installation is complete, connect the product and your additional displays should become active

If you’re already a user of one of our docks or video adapters, our testing with Insider Preview builds (the method Microsoft uses to test updates before release) has shown that in most cases the system is updated things ‘just work’ as expected. It is important to note that If the system already has a version of the DisplayLink driver 7.9 or older installed, the older driver will be removed automatically and be replaced with latest 8.0 version.

In the cases where USB graphics aren’t working as expected after installing the Anniversary Edition update, the best practice is as follows:

1. Disconnect your USB video adapter or USB docking station (if using a docking station please also disconnect the power adapter)
2. Uninstall the ‘DisplayLink Core’ software package via the Control Panel and then Programs and Features. This will also uninstall the ‘DisplayLink Graphics’ component if present
3. Download and run the DisplayLink Installation Cleaner from here ->
4. Reboot the system, even if not prompted
5. Download and install the DisplayLink driver from here -> DisplayLink Windows Driver Version 8.1 M0
6. Reconnect your docking station (after reconnecting the power) or USB video adapter and your displays should become active

At this time the DisplayLink driver is not integrated into the operating system installation image so for the time being the driver will have to be installed via Windows Update or manually installed if Windows Update does not work. Our hope is that in the future the DisplayLink driver will be ‘baked in’ to Windows itself so that a fresh installation of Windows will work with our USB video adapters and docks without requiring a download or manual installation.

In conclusion, Microsoft has taken the great step in bringing parity to USB graphics support within Windows itself. While in most cases things should ‘just work’ as with any major update to an operating system things may not go as expected. If any of our customers apply the update and the above instructions don’t help, please contact us directly at and we will be happy to assist.


We will also be updating this post with any relevant issues we are tracking once the Anniversary Update has been released to the public. Please check back often as we add additional details.

40 comments on “Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Plugable Docking stations and USB Video adapters”

  1. Matt Reply

    This didn’t work I still only have 2 screens. I followed steps 1-6. Anniversary Updated killed my 3rd screen

  2. chaseman1973 Reply

    yep, I followed the procedure above but am still unable to output to the two monitors I have hooked up to my UD-3900. I’ll be downloading the utility above and will submit a ticket if that does not improve the situation.

    appreciate all that you guys have done to troubleshoot and keep us informed!

  3. Katharine Pike Reply

    Hello, I am having a different issue with the Anniversary update and my Pluggable docking station. Updating the drivers allowed me to see my displays, but Windows doesn’t seem to recognize my ethernet connection anymore when i go through the docking station. Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas how to solve it? My home office is out of range for the Wifi router.

      • Katharine Pike Reply


        Thank you so much for your quick response and help. I’ve emailed the output from the debug utility to your support alias.



    • Christian Reply

      Hi, I am experiencing the exact same issue. On heavy load my ethernet connection ( through the plugable) dies and the plugable ud 3900 completely freezes the picture on my external screen. Only way of resolving this momentarily is by pulling the cord on the plugable device and restart the computer.

    • Terri-Lyn Reply

      Hi. Similar to Katharine I too have an ethernet issue.

      I have an SP4 and was using the UD-3900 with an Ethernet connection. I upgraded to the UD-5900 and have had connection issues with it. I have to go through the process of IPCONFIG /RELEASE, RENEW and FLUSHDNS to connect to the internet quite freqently on the 5900, but never had to run through that process with the 3900.

      But I do want to say that I think both of these units are fantastic, even with this little hiccup.

      • Bob Boerner Reply

        Hi Terri-Lyn,

        Thanks for adding to the discussion, and appreciate the kind words about our products!

        There should not be a difference in behavior of the Ethernet adapters between the two units from a hardware perspective, and that releasing and renewing the IP address helps may indicate that the source of the problem is ‘upstream’ from the dock. One thing to double-check is that the Ethernet cable itself is not the cause by swapping in a new cable (in many cases sporadic connection issues can be traced back to the cable itself).

        If swapping the cable does not help and if you have not already, please follow the steps above in this post to perform a ‘clean’ install of the latest DisplayLink driver to help ensure it is in a good state (in Katherine’s case that helped get things working properly). If that does still not help, please send one of our PlugDebug files ( to and that will help us determine the next steps.

        Thank you,

        Plugable Technologies

  4. Niels Reply

    I’m experiencing a ‘mouse lag’ and a ‘keyboard lag’ since the anniversary update. Mouse and keyboard are USB wired devices connected the Plugable 3900. Reinstalling the DisplayLink drivers (v8.0) doesn’t solve the problem.

    • Bob Boerner Reply

      The USB ports in our docking station function as a standard USB hub using the USB drivers built-in to Windows, so the DisplayLink driver can’t have any effect on the behavior of USB devices. A quick Google shows some reporting this type of behavior even when not using Plugable products, so the issue may be a problem with Windows itself (some have suggested disabling the Game DVR feature in the Xbox App included in Windows 10 as a solution to similar symptoms).

      To help rule out any other factors that could be causing the problem, please send the output of our PlugDebug utility -> to and we will go form there

      • Niels Reply

        Thank you Bob. I have emailed the debug data to support. Just to clarify: the mouse and keyboard lag issue only occurs when the devices are connected to the Plugable. When the same devices are connected to the laptop’s USB port directly the lag issue doesn’t occur. I have also disabled Game DVR and even uninstalled the Xbox app entirely.

  5. Conrad Reply

    I am getting the same mouse and keyboard stuttering that Niels described. It is still present after uninstalling and reinstalling the 8.0 M1 driver several times. However, in each reinstall it never did do a “first connect” or whatever it is called, so I am going to go at it again by trying the removal tool. If you have any suggestion to that end please let me know.

    “Windows Driver Foundation” – WUDFHost.exe – appears to have something to do with the stuttering. The more there is happening (video, cursor movement, etc.) the more lag appears. It is not a constant stutter, but it is frequent and oh so aggravating. I’ll send in a plugdebug soon as well. If I find a fix I’ll also reply here.

    • Bob Boerner Reply
      • Conrad Reply

        I am using Extend mode. One of the two monitors is set to be the primary display and the laptop display is disconnected in the setup. Since my last post here I went on a trial of uninstalling, using the cleaner tool, reinstalling, etc., and found that the older 7.9 M7 driver seems to work well. After using the cleaner tool the 8.0 M1 driver is a little less laggy, but plenty enough to be quite annoying.

        One (strange) way to duplicate this: Have the task manager open with CPU usage in descending order, and watch the Windows Driver Foundation usage while repeatedly tapping the Windows key. My usage goes up to around 20% easily and I’ll see very obvious mouse stuttering.

        Funny that you mention that topic over at DisplayLink’s site. User “VON” is me :). I found that topic after posting here. I am going to reply there again as well.

        • Conrad Reply

          Just installed the August 29th M2 update and so far things seem to be running a lot smoother!

          Thanks for the update!

          • Bob Boerner

            Thanks for the update Conrad. Wish we could take the credit, but DisplayLink (the maker of the chips in our products) does all the driver development. Glad to hear things are working better with the latest!

          • Conrad

            I thought about that after I posted. But that being said the hardware was never the issue – all the more reason to give a shoutout to you guys for the excellent product! I have three of the UD-3900 and am very happy they’re back to smooth so far from the software side.

            I’ve been eyeing your new products, but not sure I can justify yet replacing ones that already work so well 🙂

  6. Robert Reply

    after the anniversary update my user has a weird problem- the second monitor works only in extended mode, not as a duplicate display. I went through the whole uninstall/reinstall procedure listed here and the driver is v8 but no duplicate display. It shows the main monitor as 1/2 and the extra monitor as 3. Any thoughts on getting duplicate display back?

    • Bob Boerner Reply

      With the changes the Anniversary Update brings, there are rare instances where the Duplicate option may not be available due to the type of driver being used by the internal graphics adapter. Best way to confirm if that is the case for your user is to send a support request to with the details of the users setup and the output of our PlugDebug utility ->

  7. Marcel Reply

    Hi Bob, I’ve also have the keyboard and mouse stutter problems since the anniversary update.
    I’ve a surface pro 2, a plugable ud-3900 with 2 monitors attached in extend mode, with the surface display disconnected. I’ve moved my mouse, keyboard and network to a other usb hub, but that did not make any difference.
    The stutter is really annoying when working in i.e. Visual Studio.

  8. tanstaafl Reply

    I can’t duplicate displays after the Anniversary Update. This is not the fault of you guys. I am really hating Microsoft.

    • Bob Boerner Reply

      Sorry to hear about that no duplicate issue is affecting your system. The root cause is actually the driver for whichever internal graphics adapter you have not supporting the newer Windows driver model. While we can’t make any guarantees, there may be a workaround for the issue depending on what specific hardware you have. Please send an email to with the output of our PlugDebug utility -> and we will do our best to see if we can help.

  9. Nick Reply

    I’ve been dealing with the monitor refresh rate issue (mouse stuttering, etc.) after the latest windows 10 update using a plugable usb 2.0 to vga adapter on 3 different PCs. I’ve gone through the steps of uninstalling the driver & using the displaylink install cleaner and reinstalling the driver before plugging the device back in and had no luck. I’ve also tried usb 3.0, changed the power & performance settings, and even tried a clean boot. Nothing has been working and it’s driving me a little bonkers. I’m looking forward to seeing how this issue pans out for other people because I’m completely out of ideas by this point.

    Thanks by the way for your active support!

  10. Jay Monahan Reply

    Hi Bob – The Win 10 Anniversary Edition killed the headphone / microphone jack on my Plugable USB 3.0, connected to an Asus laptop. (I use two monitors and they still worked fine). I followed the “best practice” as per above and this seems to have cured it. Thanks for letting me know what to try.

    • Bob Boerner Reply

      Hi Jay,

      Thanks for posting, and glad you found my instructions useful. Based on your description it sounds like the Anniversary Update did not re-install the DisplayLink driver audio component properly on your system and the clean install was able to put the driver back into place. I am glad everything is working properly now 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your experience!


  11. Lee Wright Reply

    After the Windows 10 Anniversary update the mouse and keyboard no longer worked. Also the program Icons on the screen disappeared. I have one external display. When I unplug the Plugable 2.0 and plug the mouse and keyboard directly to the computer these features work properly. I followed the procedure of uninstalling the Displaylink drivers/software and then installed the driver from your website. It made no difference.

  12. Lee Wright Reply

    Matters are now worse. I downloaded the debug utility. I have it up on the screen ready to hit the ‘start’ button. But when I plug in the Plugable device I can’t get my laptop screen to function no matter whether I try the various ‘extend’, PC only and other display options (after pulling out the Plugable USB and plugging it back in). So, in other words I am unable to run the utility with the plugable attached.

    • Bob Boerner Reply

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for getting back. While it would be ideal to have the PlugDebug file from when the dock is connected, given the behavior you are seeing it is okay to run PlugDebug without the dock attached.



  13. nancy Reply

    Windows 10 Anniversary update and subsequent updates have made it impossible use the 3900 consistently – tried uninstall driver, installation cleaner, shutdowns and reinstalls to 8.0 M2 with unacceptable results. Will wait for M3 and see if it works.

  14. John McFadden Reply

    Not sure if this will be the right place for this but will be attempting to deploy out LTSB 2016 to our end users. I am one of the guinea pigs and have a Dell D3100 USB 3.0 docking station. It auto recognized, keyboard, mouse, ethernet and sound all work fine. The issue that I have is that the display settings keep resetting. When I plug the docking station all three of my external monitors the settings that I had set previous to taking off are all gone. The laptop screen is active (even though the cover is closed), and the three monitors are all in a line. The order and number designation of the monitors changes each time i disconnect and reconnect. Additionally the lock screen is usually on the laptop which is closed so I have to redo my display setting each time. When I was on Windows 10 v1511 I had no issues but only had these issues once I re-imaged to LTSB 2016.

    • Gary Zeller Reply

      Interesting data point, thanks John. We’ve seen a few customer reports of very odd behavior with LTSB as well. I suspect these issues will continue to be a challenge since LTSB doesn’t include various graphics-related fixes deployed in later Windows 10 builds.

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