USBC-6950U connected to two monitors on a desk

Plugable is excited to introduce two unique and innovative display adapters to our USB graphics adapter family, the USBC-6950U and USBC-6950UE Dual 4K Display Adapters. Each adapter was designed to reduce connector confusion and maximize compatibility with support for virtually all modern Windows systems and monitors. Each adapter has the same wide-ranging compatibility with systems and monitors, while the USBC-6950UE also has a built-in gigabit Ethernet connection for workspaces without WiFi and those whose workflow benefits from wired network connectivity.

Easily connect two external monitors of virtually any resolution from 1080P to 4K to your Windows computer without worrying about having the USB port specifications on your laptop or types of video ports on your monitors. Our USBC-6590U and USBC-6950UE adapters are equipped with two DisplayPort and HDMI combination ports so you can choose which 2 connections to use depending on the available ports on your monitor.

Additionally, the adapters are designed to support your laptop, regardless of which type of USB ports it has. Whether you have Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, or USB 3.0 (“Type-A”) ports on your computer, these graphics adapters have you covered, with a native USB-C connector and an included USB-C to USB 3.0 Type-A adapter. This additional adapter is easily stored within a compartment on the underside of the USBC-6950U and USBC-6950UE housing so it is always with you when needed. The adapters’ cables can also be folded into the device, providing a lower profile on your desk while they’re not in use, and can be transported easily without the risk of the cable being tangled or damaged while on-the-go.

USBC-6950U port callouts

The adapters utilize the DisplayLink DL-6950 chipset which supports two external displays up to 4K 60Hz (3840×2160 @ 60Hz) resolutions on modern Windows systems. If you’re planning on running 4K displays connected to the adapter please check out our product pages (USBC-6950U and USBC-6950UE with Ethernet) for additional details about recommended system requirements.

The flexibility of these devices open doors that simply aren’t available from other standalone USB graphics adapters on the market. While these adapters are effective on their own, they can also be easily added to an existing docking station for expanded capabilities. By doing so, Windows users can expand their workspace with up to six 1920×1080 displays using 3 separate adapters, or even build their own quad or triple display setup by combining the device with a single display USB-C dock, promoting even more productivity and efficiency. However, we only recommend a maximum of two external monitors if they are 4K resolution.

diagram of connectivity from adapter to monitors

Both adapters are available today globally on Amazon, as well as Walmart, NewEgg, and eBay in the US. And as a special thank you for our blog readers we’re offering a limited time launch discount on Amazon—simply clip the coupon before checkout to apply (discount amount varies by region). If you have any additional questions, please comment below or reach out to us directly via and we will be happy to help!

Buy the Plugable USB 3.0 and USB-C 4K DisplayPort and HDMI Dual Monitor Adapter

Buy the Plugable USB 3.0 and USB-C 4K DisplayPort and HDMI Dual Monitor Adapter with Ethernet

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