A work-from-home setup using Plugable's UD-3900

With working from home becoming the new normal for office-workers everywhere, I wanted to find out what tools would help people with this transition, and even increase their productivity.
So I went to the experts. I spoke with three Plugable staffers that handle a range of different duties to find out more about the equipment that helps them do their best work while away from the office. The biggest surprise? All had the same can’t-live-without-it equipment at the top of their list…

Dual Monitors

Ubiquitous in offices everywhere, the low price for displays combined with their purported ability to increase productivity has made them a workstation standard. And once you get used to them, there’s no going back.

“Due to the number of application windows and tabs I typically have open, I would be lost if I didn’t have two external displays.”

“While I love working in coffee shops, I dread only using my laptop and feel like I get a ton more work done when I can extend my screen space. Especially with projects that really require me to put my head down and multitask across a handful of different windows at once.”

Connectivity is Key

Working with different systems and using different software, their needs diverged a bit. But they faced other hurdles that were similar.

“With newer laptops having so few ports, it makes it difficult to connect everything you need on a daily basis. Invest in the right dock for your needs so that you can streamline your workflow and keep your laptop charged without using your laptop charger. My dock allows me to have wired ethernet, meaning I never have to worry about lagging video meetings or data security issues.”

One feature that’s often overlooked when considering a home office is flexibility. If you travel for work or need to attend meetings at a client’s site, then building your system around a laptop is key.

“I love having the ability to take my laptop on the go and then being able to come back and plug a cable directly into the docking station. It definitely makes life easier.”

The Time-Savers

Other recommendations for ways to improve your WFH set-up? In short, anything that makes your life easier.

Using a surge protector is a great way to help protect your investment. Even when using a dock that powers a device or two you’re still likely to wind up short on space if you rely on traditional wall outlets.

“My laptop needs power as well as my monitor and phone when they run low on battery power. It all starts to add up when trying to scramble outlets in our home or finding out some outlets don’t have a three-prong outlet.”

Another key component for many employees: an external hard drive. Keep this plugged into your dock and backing up your work will be a breeze. Perhaps even better? It will help keep you organized, and with external solid state drives getting smaller and smaller, your data is ultra-portable too.

“My hard drive enables me to keep my personal and office work separate.”

Set Yourself Up for Success

Final words on making the most of your WFH experience:

“It’s easy to just work off your laptop when working remotely, but it’s worth it to invest in a desk set up that you’re comfortable and productive in. You’ll be surprised how much work you’ll be able to get done in less time.”

“Someone working remotely should invest in a good quality external keyboard, mouse and at least two external displays, and a comfortable desk chair.”

And as for keeping some separation between your work and home life?

“Set guidelines for when you are ‘in the office’ and ‘out of the office’ and stick to them. If you don’t you may find yourself constantly working in the off-hours.”

Extras to Super Power Your System

Thunderbolt™ 3 512GB NVMe Solid State Drive

Great for content creators requiring blazing fast external storage, no-compromise gamers who want the fastest possible portable Steam library, or as a secondary/portable OS boot drive on supported host systems.

  • Portable aluminum design
  • No external power needed
  • Transfer speeds of 2400+ MB/s 
  • 36-month warranty
  • TBT3-NVME512

Surge Protector Power Strip

Tired of always searching for the charger for your phone or tablet only to find it won’t fit in your surge protector? Frustrated at surge protectors with short power cables or inadequate space between outlets? Our 12-outlet power strip with USB charging aims to solve many of these common issues.

  • 12 AC Outlets
  • 10.5W 2-port USB charging for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows devices
  • 6ft extension cord (also available with 25ft cord)
  • PS12-USB2B

Plugable Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards offer more precision, improved typing feedback, and what many consider to be a more satisfying sound and feel when compared to traditional rubber dome/membrane style keyboards that can often be described as "mushy" or "lifeless".

  • Adjustable white backlighting
  • Click style for improved feedback
  • Full-size 104-key
  • Available in other colors and key configurations

Plugable Gaming Mouse

Master the way you interface with your PC. This light and nimble mouse feels great in the hand and tracks movement even with the quickest flick of the wrist. Compatible with any device that can use a USB mouse.

  • Super sensitive tracking means pixel-perfect control
  • Contoured design for maximum comfort and ease-of-use
  • Driver-less: plug-and-play ready
  • USB-PM3360

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