This picture depicts Dockies, the fun docks from Plugable! Is Fishing Fun Fred getting a check up? Or is Dr. Doc at the fishing hole? Use your imagination to fill in the background!

Hey, kids! Are you tired of docking stations that just sit on your desk efficiently working in the background? Then, get ready to connect to fun. Plugable is introducing Dockies, the only docking station that lets you customize your docking experience. Yes, these colorful characters will take your desk from boring to bananas at Thunderbolt speeds!*

*Actual speeds based on user's imagination.

Work on a .doc with Dr. Doc

Dr. Doc stares at you skeptically while you fumble to answer his question, "How many drinks do you have in a typical week?"

Check on the health of your spreadsheets with Dr. Dock. The fun doesn’t stop at multi-monitor connectivity, you’ll also enjoy countless minutes of filming an unboxing video that you never get around to uploading! “I’ll edit it tomorrow.” Dr. Dock is skeptical.

Accessories include hair, a stethoscope, tongue depressors, that little hammer that doctors use to hit your knee for some reason (seriously, why do they do that?), and one of those old-timey head mirrors.

Reel In a PDF With Fishing Fun Fred

Take in some fresh air with Fishing Fun Fred, the only docking station that comes with its own dock. Just remember, despite the festive nautical theme, Fishing Fun Fred is not waterproof. In fact, he shouldn’t be used in areas with high humidity or New Jersey. 

Accessories include a fishing dock so you can dock your dock, a fishing pole, and a floppy hat. He even has a beer, just because you’re stuck on another video meeting, doesn’t mean he is.  Speaking of this video call, Becky, would it kill you to buy your cat a Twinkle Tush? It is way too early for that.

Upsell Opportunity!

Wanna spend even more? Buy the accessories individually at wildly marked-up prices.

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