Plugable USB Charging Adapter

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  • PEACE OF MIND—The Plugable 'USB-MC1' adapter enables you to turn any USB data port in to a charge-only port. This can be advantageous as some devices charge too slowly or do not charge when connected to a USB data port. It also serves to protect your device and its data from hackers and viruses. The MC1 is smaller than a pack of chewing gum and will easily fit in your pocket. Perfect for on the go charging at airports, coffee shops, libraries, and more.
  • SAFETY—Don't risk your device and data by charging unprotected on an unknown and unsecure USB port. Our MC1 acts as a USB port 'firewall'. It isolates your device from the USB data so it cannot enter data transfer mode. With the MC1 there is no risk of hacking/viruses when charging as only the 5V power is allowed through the USB port. Protect your data, identity, and device by keeping hackers and unwanted data access while charging (known as 'juice jacking') out.
  • COMPATIBILITY—Adapter simulates an Apple 1A charger signal (nearly all USB devices on the market are capable of charging from this signal as it has become the unofficial standard for USB charging).
  • FASTER CHARGING—Computer USB ports and many other stand alone chargers will only charge devices at 500mA (.5A) with a normal data cable, this adapters allows charging at 1A or more—twice as fast! Adapter also allows supported devices to charge on most powered USB hubs even when the computer is off or not connected.
  • PREDICTABLE CHARGING—Battery charging over USB has become a standard practice but the actual charging behavior of different devices is often unpredictable and sometimes disappointing. Read the description below for more background information and if this is the right adapter for you.