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From the Beginning

What if we could build a better technology company? That was it. That was the question Plugable founder Bernie Thompson had been kicking around. But what would that really mean? Great products, sure, but a new take on customer service and access to information would set Plugable apart.

"How you connect up a keyboard, a mouse, an extra display, a wired network adapter. Those have all become problems that require something to connect those things. So at Plugable, we connect this with that."

—Bernie Thompson, Plugable Founder, and CTO

Technically, It’s Not Just the Technology

It's no accident Plugable has grown to be one of the top five brands globally for docking stations; we've been in the game for a while. Our Washington-based design team combines the latest technology with years of customer feedback to create products that don’t just meet a user's minimum requirements, but instead become an extension of their productivity.

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"Every company has a statement about customer service, but the execution doesn't match. Plugable really does, through word and deed, everything we can to help our customers."

—Gary Zeller, Plugable Product VP

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A New Kind of Support

Have you ever tried to get support from a tech company only to walk away feeling like the person on the other end was just reading from a script? We don't do it that way. Suppose you had a question about your new Plugable docking station. When you contact our support team, you're actually connecting with the engineers that designed your docking station. They're personally invested in making sure you love it because they made it. It's not a typical customer service model, but we try not to be a typical technology company.

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