With more people going back to offices and the adoption of coworking and flexible work stations , dedicated displays and docking stations have made it easy for people to just sit down, plug in and start work from any desk that is set up in a hoteling environment as a hot desk.

However, depending on the type of docking station, there is one thing that can make this a bit easier for end users.

Normally by default when a laptop is connected to a display for the first time, Windows will mirror the built-in laptop display to the other monitors. Typically this is not the type of display layout that a user would like and they have to change the configuration in Windows display settings manually.

DisplayLink-powered docking stations like the UD-3900C can be set up to store display configurations so that a newly connected Windows laptop can automatically know what displays are connected and how they are physically arranged in relation to the host computer. This can save time as users will not have to change display settings every time they sit in a new work space.

The saved display profiles on the DisplayLink docking station should be loaded to a host computer the first time it is connected to that dock, however the user can make changes to the display setup that will be saved for that user the next time they use that work environment. .

The result of this setup means that end users can count on a seamless transition from one hot desk to another without having to bother with display settings with each new desk they move to. These profiles can also be updated later if the equipment or desk layout is ever changed.

Examples of saved display layouts:

Examples of the many display layouts that can be saved with DisplayLink docks.

This process of saving the display profiles can be managed by a company's IT department using the Dock Management Tool and by following the steps laid out in this article: https://kb.plugable.com/displaylink-hot-desking-guide

Users’ computers must have the following installed:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, and 7
  • DisplayLink hot desking package v9.2 or above. Drivers installed automatically from Windows Update or using the .inf file do not support the feature.

Compatible devices:

All existing products using DisplayLink DL-3xxx, DL-4xxx, DL-5xxx, and DL-6xxx series ASICs can be used to store the display layout profiles.

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