Any system with just a single USB-C port needs a good expansion solution. Plugable’s new USB-C hub with pass-through charging is among the first to support the just-released Apple Macbook (2016) along with other USB-C systems like the Macbook (2015), Chromebook Pixel 2, and more.

Plugable's USBC-HUB3P USB-C Three-Port Hub with Pass-Through Charging

When Apple introduced the MacBook Retina in 2015, they pushed the envelope of USB-C’s new features. USB-C can be the “do it all” port enabling charging, extra display connectivity, and USB device connectivity via a single, reversible connector. Apple took advantage of that to build in just a single USB-C port on the Macbook.

But of course having only a single port comes with a few trade-offs. Do you have to stop charging to use your existing USB devices? How can you connect multiple devices and multiple monitors?

Apple’s solution is their Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. But at $76 and providing only a single USB-A port, it’s not great when you aren’t using an extra display or need more USB ports. For many users video output isn’t necessary but having multiple USB ports available is critical.

Today we’re proud to announce our USBC-HUB3P, the lightest, thinnest 3-port USB 3.0 hub available that can accept power from the MacBook’s charger and pass that along to the MacBook while also providing 3 free USB-A ports. It works with both the latest 2016 USB-C Macbook models (using Intel 6th generation CPU) and the millions of existing 2015 USB-C Macbooks. With a beautiful and lightweight brushed aluminum shell, it’s perfectly matched to your system. It’s a simpler solution that costs less than half of the Apple adapter’s price.

Using Plugable's USBC-HUB3P with a MacBook and a flash drive

The USBC-HUB3P can also accept standard USB-IF Power Delivery (PD) signals from other USB-C chargers like that of the Google Chromebook [2] 2015. Other systems are compatible as well but may require the purchase of a 3rd party charger. In the case of the USB-C versions of the Dell XPS 13 and 15, they do not ship with their own USB-C chargers but they can charge from a USB PD charger like the Chromebook’s which is available from Google’s accessory store. For a full list of compatible systems visit the USBC-HUB3P product page.

While designing this hub we wanted to make sure that the hub complemented high end systems and that it was extremely portable. The final design ended with a sleek extruded aluminum chassis and an extremely compact size measuring at a mere 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide and just over half an inch tall making it perfectly designed for travel or tossing in your bag between home and work.

It works great, provides a safe charging solution, and we’re really excited to be launching with immediate availability in the USA via Europe, Canada, and Japan availability will follow shortly in the coming week.

Any questions at all? We’re happy to help, please just comment below or email Thanks for going out of your way for Plugable products!

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